Politically Correct Left Wing Anti Fascist Weirdo Cooks Own Penis & Testicles


A 23-year-old Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist vile disgusting pervert who sauteed his genitals and fully garnished them with parsley, mushrooms and garlic — was detained under the Mental Health Act indefinitely.


Kevin Saville 23, had his penis, testicles, and scrotum removed in June this year, because he wanted to be an “asexual” and wanted to be ‘Completely Politically Correct’ and not considered as any gender stereotype or labeled as any identity in sexuality.

He considered this to be the ultimate in Politically Correct utopia and the ultimate Left Wing sacrifice for equality and Socialist idealism.


It gets weirder.

The weird left wing sick politically correct Anti Fascist pervert and sicko, wanted to keep the remains of his surgically removed Block and Tackle, so he could take them home and have them sauteed and then garnish them with mushrooms and garlic and offer them as a sacrifice to a God called –

P.C (Political Correctness)

world-reliigions-symbols (1)

The weird sick politically correct left wing Anti Fascist pervert, believed that to make an offering of his own cooked and garnished Penis and Testicles to the left wing God called P.C would make him a better left wing politically correct Anti Fascist.


The evil left wing sicko was caught two weeks after his operation by members of his family preparing his meat and two veg in the family saucepan, and when asked what on earth he was doing, the sicko said he was just –

“preparing an offering to the God of Political Correctness”

His family called the family Doctor, who in turn called the Mental Health team, who declared the sick weirdo in need of treatment.

He was dragged off to Hospital whilst screaming Anti Fascist race hate insults and calling everybody who came near him a Fascist and a Racist.

Another case of Political Correctness insanity.

He was given a sedative injection and placed in an isolation unit for his own good.

A spokesman for the Mental Health team said –

“we are seeing more and more of these cases just lately, they are incidental with left wing political correctness and usually the patients present upon admission as members of Anti Fascist organisations where they have been indoctrinated by other left wing cranks, weirdos and basically in laymans terms – raving lunatics.

We need to educate our young folk, and make them see that no matter how bad their lives seem, political correctness and left wing Anti Fascism is not the answer”


He continued –

“These people are sick twisted left wing cranks, and quite frankly, they do really belong where this young man ended up here at the Hospital –

locked up securely and indefinitely”

Daily Bale reporter on left wing abnormality.

Alec Woodward.