Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Sicko Kills Alleged Ukip Supporter


A 24-year-old woman who was baby-sitting for her nephew was allegedly beaten to death with a hammer in London by a friend of the child’s mother,

(who was allegedly in a well known Anti Fascist organisation in the U.K and was a fanatical Left Wing Politically Correct Weirdo, a Sicko and a left wing vile Pervert)

Sue Dale was baby-sitting her nephew when she was beaten to death with a hammer.

“It was clear what provoked the attack on our Sue” – a family member said,

“she was a true Patriot for Great Britain and a loyal Ukip supporter, and we all know that these left wing Anti Fascist weirdos hate Ukip because the Public love Ukip and Ukip exposes the left wing hypocrites for what they really are,

The left wing Anti Fascists are the real Fascists, and everybody hates them, thats why they all use Anonymous profiles on Social Media”

Sue Dale was a Ukip supporter through and through.

The only witness to the attack was her 2-year-old nephew.

Paul Hope, a vile looking Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Crank was arrested after he opened the door for authorities and they saw blood on him and heard him screaming and chanting Anti Fascist and Anti British slogans and hate speech.

He had gone round there in his own words –

“to find me a Fascist”


Sue Dale was viciously beaten but still alive on the floor, but pointing towards Paul Hope.

Ms Dale had been there baby-sitting for her older brother’s son, a family friend said.

Ms. Dale was taken to a London Hospital where she was pronounced dead later in the morning from multiple hammer blows to the head.


The vile sick left wing weirdo was immediately taken into custody,

where he allegedly said –

“Political Correctness is my life, and anybody who disagrees with Political Correctness deserves what they get.

She (Sue Dale) was a member of Ukip, and that is not acceptable to us on the Left Wing.

We do what we have to do to maintain our hold on the Public with Political Correctness,
but Ukip will not do what we say,
and that is termed as being politically incorrect as far as we are concerned.

How do you think that made me feel as an Anti Fascist ?

People must obey us and do what we say.

We are the righteous and moral one’s here.
She deserved what she got because we are Politically Correct and right in all things”

The evil left wing politically correct Anti Fascist sicko was jailed for life with a recommendation that he serve at least 30 years, and be placed on a left wing extremist list for life.


We must ban all left wing politically correct Anti Fascist, but really (Fascist) organisations that bully and intimidate people by using race hate slander and politically correct left wing intimidation and manipulation to harass and bully members of the public.