Daily Bale Founder back in court today for being Politically incorrect

Joshua Bonehill, Founder & Creator of Daily Bale News returns to Yeovil Magistrates court today faced with 2 counts of Malicious Communications and 5 counts of Harassment for Daily Bale articles.


Bonehill, who has been on police bail for over a year wrote a number of articles on this website which targeted Left-Wing agitators, branding them paedophiles, Jews and Homosexuals faces magistrates at the cost of the taxpayer.

In a targeted campaign of hate directed towards Mr. Bonehill, the Left-Wing have attempted to destroy his reputation and disable him from participating in the political arena but despite this conspiracy he hasn’t gone anywhere.

Mr. Bonehill’s Daily Bale has continued to serve the Great British public bringing the latest news and information about the Daily Bale despite the continued oppression and loss of Freedom that he has faced.

“If anything this case will highlight the evilness of the Left-Wing” said Mr. Bonehill, “They are a truly vile and cretinous source of perversion, whilst I may be standing in the docks it’ll be the Left-Wing who are put on trial today”.

Mr Bonehill was spotted in devon hunting from horseback on his steed known as “Bale” over the weekend where he held a pre-court hunting party with friends and fellow comrades. He is said to be feeling optimistic and gleeful over the prospect of appearing in court again once more paid for by the British taxpayer.

Mr. Bonehill told the Daily Bale that he doesn’t believe he’ll be going to prison as this is not what providence has in store for him, he believes this case will highlight the hypocrisy of the Left-Wing and land a fierce and brutal blow upon evil, sick political correctness.