Anti Ukip Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Communist Monster Kills Wife.


A Vile Left Wing Anti Ukip Fascist and a Politically Correct Weirdo and sick Marxist Pervert, stabbed his wife and then just casually phoned the emergency services whilst screaming at his dying wife –

‘You pushed me too far love, you are a Fascist and a Racist’


Anti Ukip and Anti Fascist vile left wing sick pervert Paul Crank, 40, was heard telling his partner –

“Sorry love, you pushed me too far, you are a fascist and a racist, and anybody who goes against Anti Fascism or questions Political Correctness will be labeled a fascist and a racist i told you that before”

after calmly informing the operator:

“I’ve just stabbed my wife, she is a Fascist and a Racist and Politically Incorrect.”

Debra Crank died of catastrophic blood loss after left wing Anti Fascist freak Paul Crank stabbed her 72 times with a kitchen knife.

He now faces life in jail after being found guilty of murder.

The Crown Court heard that Paul Crank had a long history of violence towards anybody who he believed was not a Communist or a Left Wing Politically Correct Marxist Labour supporter or who were not Anti Fascists.


He wanted open Borders and often was heard saying down the pub that –

“if we flood the Country with immigrants then it will wipe out the Fascist Ukip and Conservatives”

The pub apparently banned the sicko several weeks before the stabbing of his wife.

Crank had denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of Political Correctness.


However the jury rejected his plea as totally absurd and pathetic, but also very typical of a left wing weirdo.

Anti Fascist Sicko was found Guilty.

They found the left wing weirdo guilty of murder, and there were loud cheers all round from everybody in the Court.


The weirdo was sentenced to 30 years in prison with a recommendation that he not be released if there are any grounds to believe that this sicko was still a left wing Anti Fascist danger to the public.

After the verdict, a local decent Right Wing member of the Community spoke about the abuse Mrs Crank suffered.

“this is a tragic set of circumstances and Mrs Crank’s death has had a profound effect on all the family and the Community too.

Whilst there has been justice for the family, a daughter has now been left without her mother, and her left wing fruitcake politically correct Marxist father is serving a lengthy prison sentence, and quite rightly so too, i hope the left wing sicko rots in hell.

These left wing sickos must be stopped, hanging is too good for these left wing traitors and weirdos.

Ukip is the way to go in the future, more and more people are now joining Ukip, and all the Community round here are now with Ukip”


He continued –

“I would like to just say that anyone suffering abuse from a left wing sicko or politically correct bullying should come forward and speak about it – always report left wing abuse from Anti Fascist sickos and weirdos and politically correct freaks.

also thank you so much to the Daily Bale, we all love the Bale round here”


Daily Bale reporter on left wing immorality.

Alec Woodward.