Liberal Democrats want to scrap St George’s day in favour of Europe Day

Pro-European Union party the Liberal Democrats have announced plans to sensationally scrap St Georges day, St Andrews day, St Davids day and St Patrick’s day in favour of one European day of celebrations to be held in May every year.

Cameron & Clegg, evil anti-British conspirators

Cameron & Clegg, evil anti-British conspirators

Speaking at the 2014 Liberal Democrat conference, party leader Nick Clegg told his supporters “We have ambitions to replace all national days in the UK with one day of celebration and that being Europe day. It’s important that we come together as one European Identity and celebrate all that it means to be European. Independent national days of celebration are outdated and racist, it’s time we outlaw this and head towards an equal and diverse future”.

The Liberal Democrats pledge to make this into policy should they form a government or join another coalition in 2015 so it looks like we’re set to lose our national day.

Europe Day goes largely ignored in Britain, with little or no Britishers attempting to celebrate this national day of European Unity so to rid us of our national days and focus solely on Europe Day could cause unrest within the nation. If this is the latest move to win public support by the Liberal Democrats then they are certainly failing.

What do you think?

Richard Deymond, Daily Bale News