Sick weirdo and pervert Marc Almond comes out of the closet as a Hope not Hate supporter


1980s total failure and professional weirdo, pervert and blatant Left-Wing supporter Marc Almond has finally come out of the closet the daily bale can exclusively reveal – he is in fact a Hope not Hate supporter.

Almond who had little or no success in the 1980s with songs that weren’t even his own is known for his perverted and uncontrollable behavior and nothing more – oh and his weird face but it came as no surprise when 62 year old Almond finally came out of the closet and revealed himself to the world as a flamboyant Hope not Hate supporter.

Almond told the Daily Bale “Since my music career died, I have had nothing in this world to focus on and my heroin addiction nearly destroyed me. Nick Lowles approached me and asked if I wanted to join Hope not Hate and fight racism and fascism, I instantly agreed”

Almond joins Billy Bragg and that horrible woman… oh paloma faith in being the third musician to become an out and out supporter of Hope Not Hate. Professional weirdo and  hamster look-alike eddie izzard also came out of the closet earlier last year – perhaps these sick perverts could form a band?

Since being declared bankrupt and taking to a lifestyle of heavy drinking and drugs, Marc has lived with his partner SlatFascists in a shared 1 bedroom flat in Manchester.

Steven Sodholmy, Daily Bale News