Left Wing Anti Ukip Anti Fascist Marxist Monster


Another Shocking Story of Left Wing Anti Fascist Hate Crime.


THE former wife of a Left Wing Anti Fascist Anti Ukip stalker-rapist, who planned to bury his victim in a shallow grave, spoke for the first time last night about her years of hell.

The mother-of-two told of her guilt for not reporting the left wing evil Anti Fascist weirdo to police for his vicious attacks on her and said she wanted to apologise to David Slatt’s other victims.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Bale, the woman told of her 19-year nightmare living with the violent former Anti Fascist Member and Left Wing Marxist Activist in Bolton.


The 42-year-old, who asked not to be named, was at Crown Court on Friday to see Slatt jailed for life for two horrific attacks last May.

He raped and threatened to ditch a woman’s body in a hole on the moors, and left a man with permanent brain damage after smashing his skull with a hammer.

Judge Peter Denmark, branded the 42-year-old left wing sicko –

“a significant danger”

and told him he will be freed from prison only when the Parole Board think it is safe to do so and he is assessed as safe to the public and free of Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Perverted views.

Following the case, his tearful former partner told the Daily Bale:

“Even after all he put me through, I never thought he was capable of doing what he did to those other two people. It was absolutely sickening to hear it.

“I have two kids, aged between 11 and 14, and they are devastated by what their father did. They want everyone to know they are ashamed of him and they hate all Anti Fascist Weirdos and Sickos.

“They felt so bad that they wanted to write to the lady involved and say how sorry they are that their dad did that to her.”

She added: –

“He made my life a nightmare with his sick Anti Fascist left wing bullshit”

“I’m glad he’s behind bars and I hope he stays there for good. I needed to be here today to see it happen. Ukip people are wonderful king decent people, and nothing like the Anti Fascist sickos who call Ukip down all the time”


“I read the Daily Bale all the time too, and i just want to say thank you to the Bale for what you do in exposing these evil left wing sick vile Anti Fascist monsters”


The court heard how Slatt suffered ‘Left Wing Anti Fascist delusions in June 2011 but an expert said –

“it could not be said if it affected his behaviour to the extent he would kill, but as we know from the past and throughout history – Left Wing Vile Sick Politically Correct Weirdos do kill because of Communist and Anti Fascist sick twisted false beliefs”


During the brutal attacks, Slatt told the woman he was going to bury her on the moors – where a grave had already been dug for her ‘because she supported Ukip’

The victim told of her terror as she was snatched from her home, tied up and sexually attacked by “wild-eyed” Left Wing Pervert and Weirdo ‘Slatt’ late at night.

Slatt dragged the woman in her pyjamas, dressing gown and bare feet to his brother’s bungalow a quarter of a mile away, and threatened to murder her whilst screaming at her vile racist insults and calling her a Fascist and a Racist for being a member of Ukip.

But the perverted sick twisted left wing monster ‘Slatt’ never even knew that his victim was actually married to a west indian born gentleman, who is also a member of Ukip.

Slatt also lay in wait for the woman’s friend – who he wrongly believed was also a Ukip supporter, but he was actually a Conservative supporter – and left him with brain damage after hammer blows to his skull shattered his frontal lobes and he needed steel plates to replace a third of his skull.


The Victim said – “these left wing sick animals will never silence Ukip”

Peter Britain-Jones, prosecuting, said Slatt had a “fixation” or “obsession” with Political Correctness, and spied on his victim through the windows of her home for hours to see if she was talking on the phone to other Ukip members.

The judge told him “overwhelming evidence” would have convicted him, and it was “only when you heard the strength of the prosecution case that you decided to plead guilty, you really are a disgusting sick Left Wing vile specimen”

When he was on remand in prison, Slatt was caught out by a secret police recording boasting to his brother about the “cowardly” hammer attack and he said “thats another few Kippers out of action”

The court heard how the male victim has a permanent brain injury and will have lifelong problems understanding language and making himself understood, but he was determined to stay an active member of Ukip after now becoming a member himself and deserting the Conservatives.

“the people’s army is the way” a family member said.

He has epilepsy as a result of the attack, is in a wheelchair, is fed through a tube, needs constant nursing, and will never fully recover, but Ukip is his rock, and he wears the Ukip logo on his jacket every day.


Slatt, admitted rape and causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and was told he will have to serve a minimum of thirty five years for these evil crimes against upstanding members of society.

In a statement, the woman said: “It stripped me of my dignity. My life has been destroyed by a man who I can’t even bring myself to call by his name.”

The male victim’s daughter said in her statement: “Although he did not die as a result of the attack, his life has essentially been taken away from him in any case.”

She stated that she too had now joined Ukip, and said in a statement – “we need to stay strong together and fight these Anti Fascist Politically Correct Left Wing Sickos. Weirdos and Perverts.

She told the Daily Bale – “everybody has been so supportive throughout all this”


Daily Bale reporter on Left Wing Hate Crimes.

Alec Woodward.