U.K Left Wing Sick Anti Fascist Marxist Pervert with a Weird Fetish for Carpets


A weird Left Wing Sick Politically Correct Anti Fascist long haired unwashed Pervert who humiliated and then assaulted a woman in his home and sexually assaulted two others has been jailed for 4 years.

Dan Lesbos, 27, invited the unsuspecting women to his home before subjecting them to ‘humiliating’ sexual acts with pieces of rolled up carpet.

One victim felt like ‘throwing herself out of a window’ while another victim was forced to give up dancing which had been her favourite hobby.

The woman, aged 24, was approached by Lesbo in the street and invited to a dancing audition.

She thought would be in a hall of some sort but told to go to his flat in Leeds.

The woman was told to get changed in front of him and Lesbos explained he needed to check how quickly she could remove her clothes and dance on a carpet.

But he then told her: ‘Put this piece of carpet in your hand Fascist pig’


At first she refused but Lesbos became more and more aggressive and eventually forced the girl to lie down while he had sex with the end of a piece of carpet rolled around his manhood for ‘about 50 seconds.’

Lesbos was also angered when a another victim aged 36 came for a lesson but she was sickened when he demanded she hold a piece of carpet around his tiny manhood and she called him a sick left wing marxist weirdo, and she laughed, and commented that in her experience she had found that all left wing men were sick weirdos and perverts.

He grabbed her hair and asked her to ‘Feel his carpet’ and he shouted ‘you are a racist and fascist’

The terrified woman locked herself in the bathroom to escape him and his sick left wing aggression.

His third victim aged 37 went to his flat for a private lesson to brush up on her skills for a show she was appearing in.

Lesbos told her to ‘Give master a carpet-job, i love it in the woods with carpets dont you’ ? ‘ but the woman refused and called him a left wing pervert and a sicko.

Another left wing Weirdo in the woods with a piece of carpet.

Lesbos then grabbed her hand and put it on a piece of carpet sticking out his trousers.

Judge James Right, told Lesbos: ‘The offences reveal a gross and flagrant breach of trust for your own sexual gratification.

‘You are a demanding and controlling Left Wing Politically Correct Sick Anti Fascist Pervert.

‘You had obvious talent as a dancer and an apparent reputation but made loathsome demands of each woman whom were in a vulnerable position.

‘You approached your first victim when she was 24 and asked if she would like to work with you and you asked her if she would like to join a well known Anti Fascist organisation, when she told you “no way” you then said “o.k then, lets dance on the carpet”

‘She expected it to be in a hall and not in private premises. She changed in a room and you watched her and then said she was not performing correctly enough or staying on the carpet.

‘You persuaded her to take her top off and she tried to cover her body with her hands before you demonstrated how you wanted her to walk on the carpet and you humiliated her by calling her a racist and a fascist.

‘You demanded she recite after you ‘sick Left Wing Marxist Anti British phrases and Anti Fascist slogans’

Lesbos demanded she recite left wing sick phrases and swear loyalty to Marxism.

‘She told you that she had been abused by a Lefty once before in the past hoping you would feel sorry for her and stop your sick left wing perverted behaviour, but you did not heed this one bit and you said you did not care and you wanted her to worship with you and pray on the carpet to a God called Political Correctness’

‘She said she didn’t want to and you got angry and you were thoroughly intimidating and she was totally petrified.

‘You tried to brainwash her but it didn’t end there because you told her to swear loyalty to Anti Fascism and Left Wing ideology with you as you yourself kneeled on a piece of carpet.

‘The second victim you showed your controlling politically correct depraved sick influence to by saying she wasn’t doing well as an Anti Fascist, and she started to cry, telling you that she wanted none of that sick left wing nonsense and P.C brainwashing.

‘What you did was humiliate her and you pushed her breasts up and down with a piece of carpet and started to grope her.

‘You told her you wanted her to ‘Feel your own shame that you felt being a Lefty’ and she then tried to run and lock herself in the bathroom in fear of your sick Politically Correct Left Wing Perversion’

‘The third victim was again another gross breach of trust.

‘You asked her if she would ”Give teacher a carpet-job” to which she said no but you replied ‘If you do not then i will brand you a fascist and a racist’

‘She was embarrassed and this was a gross breach of trust as You took her hand and put it inside your trousers around a piece of carpet and she was petrified by your controlling nature and the sexual activity.

‘There was not only breach of trust but gross intimidation to vulnerable victims and of course it is typical of a disgusting Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist vile pervert like you’

‘There is a pattern of disgraceful abuse on your part as a typical left wing pervert.’


Judge Right then sentenced Lesbos to serve 4 years in prison and gave him an indefinite sexual offences prevention order as well as being placed on a left wing extremist list for life.

He will never be allowed to use politically correct intimidation against others again.

Lesbos still maintains the sexual activity with the victims was all consensual and politically correct despite being found guilty by a jury in September last year and found to be a disgusting sicko.

He was acquitted of five other counts of abuse but he admitted 4 counts of assault by slapping and verbal abuse by way of ‘Fascist and Racist’ name calling and assault with a piece of carpet towards a third victim.

Reading from personal impact statements, Brian Kent prosecuting said: ‘The first victim was so scared at the time that she thought of trying to jump out of the window.

‘The incident has made her feel like nothing and has had suicidal feelings since the break-up of her long-term relationship with her fiancé because of this.

‘The second victim said the assault has made her feel dirty, anxious and on edge and has had to give up dancing which was a social activity she used to enjoy.

‘The third victim has had her confidence undermined and has sought professional help and has now had counselling because of an acute horror and panic attacks when she sees carpets.’

Lesbos was described by various friends and family and former pupils to the court as ‘honest and hardworking but a weirdo to be around, he just had this misguided sick ideology of Left Wing Political Correctness and he was a member of an Anti Fascist organisation which changed him and turned him into a weird and perverted sicko who had an obsession with carpets’

Dan Lesbos was found guilty of two counts of sexual depravity, one of sexual assault and a single count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and Politically Correct intimidation and Left Wing Anti Fascist bullying.

He was placed on a left wing extremist register for life besides being jailed for 4 years and labeled a weird left wing politically correct sick Anti Fascist pervert.