Left-Wing Online internet warriors and sickos in sick 1960s drugs revival

It comes as no surprise to learn that the sick Left-Wing vile perverts who frequently hide behind anonymous social media accounts to attack Nationalist activists are all high!

When they’re not sat behind their computers and rejoicing in the veil of anonymity that gives them protection from being exposed, these bearded weirdos are often taking drugs and experimenting with long-dead 1960s culture.


These greasy fingered, KFC bucket warriors are mostly hippy perverts who haven’t let the 1960s die peacefully – it’s almost become a personal crusade for them to spread this vile way of life into the public domain and engage in lewd acts that don’t fit into a normal society.

It’s a sad existence to be a Left-Wing online internet warrior, pictures come to mind of greasy fingered, half dressed fatties sat behind a thick computer from 1998 with empty pizza boxes and half eaten packets of Doritos scattered around the floor. No doubt these sick perverts also allow food to be crushed into their carpets with their reluctance to clean their personal abodes – yes they are truly vile people.

A sick perverted Left-WIng tent commune

A sick perverted Left-WIng tent commune

When they are not fixated by the computer screen, the left-wing parasites come together and hold parties that are reminiscent of the 1960s excess culture. The few friends these warped cranks have are all Left-Wing perverts and their existence is so far out of reality that they’ve created a new existence firmly embedded and rooted within the 1960s.

Most Left-Wing sickos are sterile and have no chance of producing offspring so they have no other focus in life other than destroying normal peoples lives and pretending it’s the 1960s – a time from their youth that they can never get back.

It has often been reported that Politically Correct criminals spend most of their dole money on cannabis, heroin and other mind-altering drugs to keep their fixation firmly set on Left-Wing perversion but also to escape reality and live in both a false and flaccid world of evil sadism.

A sick left-wing racist and fascist spotted in a Manchester Tent-City (Possibly SLATFascists)

A sick left-wing racist and fascist spotted in a Manchester Tent-City (Possibly SLATFascists)

There have even been incidences of Left-Wing perverts who have been ousted from their local communities and forced to live in woodland areas in tents where groups of these sickos congregate around camp fires to keep warm during the cold winter months but it is there where they plot their next sick left-wing movements.

There seems to be a large percentage of left-wing sickos who live in the Manchester area, most of these vile perverts are internet warriors and operate Twitter accounts such as SLATFascists or SLATUKIP. These sick freaks are also reported to live in tents and access the internet through library terminals during the day time but are often moved on because of the pungent stale smell that they emit.

Steven Sodholmy, Reporter