Evil Left Wing Anti Ukip Anti Fascist Politically Correct Thug.

An alleged Left Wing Unite Against Fascism U.A.F member and/or Hope Not Hate member,

‘Marie Stalin Brady’

aged 32 of Bristol was arrested on suspicion of burgling cars at the College that she was thrown out of previously for calling people a Racist and a Fascist and inciting Racial hatred as a member of a vile Anti Fascist movement that had infiltrated the College, –

she reportedly claims she was

“trying to hunt down information on Fascists” by going through glove compartments in the cars for personal documents and membership cards of Ukip members or Conservative Party members.

Lisa-Carole-Roche (1)

Weird Left Wing Sick Politically Correct Anti Fascist and Anti British, ‘Stalin Brady’

The evil left wing female sicko has the letters ‘P.C’ meaning (politically correct) tattooed on her forehead and has the middle name of ‘Stalin’ after (Joseph Stalin) the evil Communist dictator who killed 50 million of his own people, just for being ‘politically incorrect’ and not left wing enough to suit Joseph Stalin’s blood lust for left wing political correctness and Anti Fascist Communism.


It is claimed that ‘Marie Stalin Brady’ who also has tattoos covering almost her entire face and neck, was caught breaking into poor struggling students’ cars at the College in Bristol, allegedly looking for information on who was a member of Ukip or any other political party that was ‘anything other’ than an ‘Extreme left wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Marxist Anti British or Communist Party Organisation member’

She was an extreme political correctness freak, of the likes that –

‘just need locking up for their own good’


The plump tattooed left wing sicko was spotted in one of the cars by the owner and asked what she was doing ?

to which the overweight left wing Anti Fascist replied

“f**k off fascist before i gut you like a kipper”

The owner, a young struggling hard working right wing student who also holds down three part time jobs to pay her way through college, then ran to get help.

The vile left wing politically correct Anti Fascist ‘Stalin Brady’ then tried to run into a local supermarket and mingle with

‘normal members of the public’

but the vile plump tattooed unwashed weirdo was soon spotted and overpowered in the carpark, but it took a group of able bodied men to get the weirdo down and keep her down until police arrived to arrest the left wing Anti British Anti Fascist sick vile weirdo and communist crank.


Sentencing, Judge Graham England, said –

“this country is sick to death of your sort, you are the main cause of all that is wrong with Society today.

You are a vile specimen to look at, you are a waster and a traitor to this Country and all that we value truly and morally.

Your sort are not the decent moral people as you claim to be.

You just use race and political correctness to bully and intimidate people by calling them Fascist or Racist if they do not agree with your sick twisted immoral perverted left wing politically correct communist Anti Fascist Anti British warped ideology.

All left wing Anti Fascists are just bullies and spoilt children that need to grow up and get a real life – and stop blaming everybody else because you feel less of a person than other people.

This race thing that you people keep bringing up is causing a lot of tension in this country, and in my eyes, it is you people who are directly to blame for picking up on race in the first place and then using that for your own political ends to use as a weapon to try and silence anybody who questions your immoral ideology by calling them a Fascist or a Racist to try and shame people into silence.

It is you people ‘the anti fascists’ who are in fact the real fascists and racists for doing what you are doing and using race for your own ends.

Evil. Left Wing Anti Fascism.

One day the minorities in this country will realise what you are doing by using them and their race for your own ends, and then the tables will turn on you very harshly indeed.

One could say then that you made you own bed by what you have been doing in this country.

There may be a question then of whether you yourselves will be welcome here, and maybe it will become so uncomfortable for you then, that you will not dare mention that you used to be an Anti Fascist.

People who have been wronged by you won’t forget, and there may come a day that you wish they would forget and you may just have to hope that they don’t remember you as one of these vile Anti Fascist race hate stirring people”

The Judge sentenced ‘Stalin Brady’ to 18 months in prison and to be placed on a left wing extremist list for life after release.

Daily Bale Reporter on left wing Anti Fascist Race Hate Crime – Alec Woodward.