Shocking Evil Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Criminality

A bungling Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct robber who was a member of a vicious Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Marxist thug gang stole a woman’s rings at knifepoint and told her: ‘Remember my name – it’s ‘Lowles’ a shocked court heard.


Nathan Lowles, 29, an unemployed benefit scrounger and a left wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist thug, attacked the woman Weeks after gate crashing a party at her home in kent, where he screamed race hate slogans and disgusting slander by calling everybody Fascists and Racists – even though the party was a mixed race multicultural gathering of friends.

He cut her arms, punched her in the face and throttled her until she threw her jewellery to the floor.

But Lowles was caught minutes later with the rings in his pocket after police turned up at the house to investigate reports of a disturbance.

The Court heard the victim had been drinking with a friend and three other decent respectable hard working men and discussing Right Wing common sense moral values and the need to curb immigration, whilst chatting they were counting out all their spare change on the carpet that they wanted to give to the Homeless Shelter for Romanian Men the next morning.

Prosecutor Ian Smith said: ‘It was around three or four in the morning after the victim had gone to bed very happy that she had raised £40.90 for the Homeless Shelter, when she woke up and heard a noise downstairs.

‘She went to see what was going on and was confronted by the defendant emerging from her living room.

‘She had no idea who he was or that he was there. She confronted him and he was aggressive.

‘She ran back upstairs calling out for help. He produced a knife and he started to attack her and demand her rings.

‘He was saying ”Remember my name … its ‘Lowles’ he then screamed at her loudly –

“i am Lowles Lowles Lowles”

Another case of Politically Correct Left Wing Bullying and Anti Fascist criminality.

The victim was stabbed twice in the arm, punched in the face and grabbed around the throat.

He screamed at her over and over –
“do you know who i am ?
i am here to make you change your Fascist and Racist thinking. You are a Fascist and a Racist and a Capitalist pig”

She distracted the attacker by pretending to be a Hope Not Hate member, and told him –

“i am on your side Lowles, i hate everything about Britain too and i hate all Fascist pigs”

she then fled out into the street followed by Lowles who was screaming Communist Left Wing Anti Fascist insults and Anti British phrases.

Jurors heard Lowles ‘effectively ran into the arms of the police’ who had been alerted by neighbours to a disturbance.

In interview he claimed that he had –

‘just been doing Society a favour and that he hated all Fascist scum’

But when it was pointed out to him that his victim was not a fascist and is just an honest decent right wing member of the community, he just shrugged his shoulders and said –

‘we do not recognise that at all, as far as we are concerned anybody who is not Politically Correct is a Fascist pig’

no_political_correctness-svg1 .

‘He claimed he had gone there with three other men to take cocaine and to teach –

‘a Left Wing lesson in Respect’ – said Mr Smith.

The burglar claimed that any injuries were caused either by the woman herself or in self defence after she attacked him by talking in a Fascist manner which constituted assault under Politically Correct guidelines.

Nathan Lowles denies robbery and wounding with intent to enforce Political Correctness.


Jailing Lowles for ten years, Judge James Wordsworth QC said: ‘This was a brutal, cowardly attack on a defenceless good decent Right Wing woman who was helpless before your disgusting left wing evil Anti Fascist bullying and assault.

‘You got into her bedroom armed with a knife, punched her in the face and held her by the throat before inflicting nasty wounds to her arms and cuts to her face and slandering her with racist disgusting Anti Fascist insults’

‘Quite what your motive was remains unclear. You have shown no remorse, but one thing is clear, you are a sick depraved Left Wing Evil Politically Correct Anti Fascist monster’

Daily Bale Reporter on Left Wing Politically Correct Criminality.

David Harrod