The Daily Bale Confronts the Scourge of Left Wing Political Correctness


The Daily Bale.

Britains best loved Anti Political Correctness and Anti Left Wing publication.

The Patriotic members of the British public celebrate the return of the Bale.


People have said they fear the Daily Bale, but the truth is that only those with something to hide fear us.

Those who have malicious intentions that they want to hide from the rest of the British Public by Political Correctness and Left Wing Marxist Communist agitation and criminal suppression of freedom of speech.

These are the people who fear us and want us shut down.

We all know who they are, and what they stand for.

But the Daily Bale stands only for freedom of speech and not Politically Correct brainwashing, intimidation or lies.


The Daily Bale exposes the immoral hypocrisy of the Left Wing Politically Correct so called
“Anti Fascists” – who are really the biggest Fascists, Bullies, Liars, Intimidators, Manipulators, Traitors, and all that is wrong with our Society today – and why all that “was” good about our Society is slowly but steadily starting to disappear from our lives forever.


When the Public view the Daily Bale, they know they see it and read it how it really is.

Yes, we have been accused of lying or bending the truth. But all we do is bend it back to how it should of been read in the first place and how we believe it really is.


How many times have you wanted to say something but did not say it incase it was seen or heard as being Politically Incorrect ?

Even though you knew that what you had to say was right, and under a truly free and just democracy then you “should” have the right to damn well say it because freedom of speech is a basic human right.

But we are not in a truly free democracy are we ?

When did you vote to be told by a Left Wing Politically Correct Crank that whatever they said or told you was right and moral – and that you must abide by it and take it as gospel ?

And when did you vote to make it okay to be called a Fascist and a Racist if you said something that did not quite sit well with a Left Wing Politically Correct Weirdo ?

You probably cannot remember ever having that in mind when you last voted.

But it is happening to you and me and millions of other people across this Nation every single day.

We are being told by people with no authority, no permission, no invitation and no democratic majority vote – that we must behave as they say we must behave and we must think and act in certain ways in order not to offend anybody and to be acceptable under the viewpoint that calls itself “Political Correctness”

What the hell is going on in this Country ? and why are we allowing it ??


If you don’t know already, then it’s called Cultural Marxism, or plain old brainwashing, manipulation, bullying and intimidation by Left Wing Political Correctness and its thought police – the Anti Fascist organisations and left wing groups that “claim” that they have the moral high ground over you.

It’s all about keeping you quiet, shutting you up, and stopping you from questioning what’s going on in the first place.

Ever noticed how when you question the left wing on anything that directly confronts their immoral bullying and politically correct intimidation, then you will be called a Fascist and a Racist,
or both ?


They do not want you to question them, because they have not got an answer – they know deep down that what they are doing is shamefully wrong and most certainly a crime against humanity and freedom itself as they know themselves as human beings who are born with the right to be as they are and express themselves as they wish to, they know that what they are doing is gravely wrong and immoral in all the fullest terms of the word.

The left wing politically correct bullies and Anti Fascist Marxist monsters are truly evil and vile human beings.

But the poor souls who have been drawn into this evil ideology by the ringleaders – how can they admit that they are shamefully wrong after all they have done and taken part in ?

The innocent people they have attacked, and also caused to be attacked by politically correct suppression of freedom of speech, manipulation, intimidation and bullying.

Innocent Men, Women and Children have all suffered because of the evil of left wing political correctness, and a large number have lost their lives or taken their own lives.

This evil wicked vile criminal ideology must be dismantled and stopped forever, and the ringleaders brought to trial.

When was the last time you heard an actual sensible policy from an Anti Fascist Left Wing profile page on Twitter or Facebook ? When was the last time you actually saw one of these profiles that was not Anonymous ?

What does that actually tell you about their so called Morality or Righteousness ?

They do not have any Morality. Righteousness or Authority over you or me, or any of us.

The Daily Bale stands for free speech, common sense, free thinking, and true democracy.


All people are welcome to join us and read our articles.

We do not claim that each and every article is absolutely bang on the truth in every detail.

But the fundamental underlying message is correct and absolutely right.

Freedom of speech and to say it how it is and how you see it.

That is your fundamental and basic human right.

Daily Bale Political Editor – alec woodward


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