Joshua Bonehill: What next

After taking the decision to end the NBR based on the fact that it was nothing more than a “social media experiment” and piece of performance art that could never have come to fruition, mainly down to my age and that being 21, I had decided to take a break from the political area.

The fact of the matter remains, I care too passionately for Britain, our people and the future of our country to just give up on politics. Each and every day I had tried to deny what felt natural and that being my political ambitions but I simply couldn’t do it, I couldn’t remain silent.

After a series of events which have led to my immediate decision to return to the political arena – I can now sacrifice myself once more to the Nationalist cause for Britain and work tirelessly in the right direction to enact positive change for our people.

Two weeks ago I went to a pub and everybody in that pub agreed with my nationalist political viewpoint – No to immigration, No to the EU, No to Islam and No to this false idea of democracy that we currently live in. This morning whilst travelling in a taxi I had a good conversation with the driver who expressed exactly the same views as me – the truth is that I am struggling to find people who disagree with me other than the same old parasitical left-wing.

With so many people agreeing with me and a series of personal and tragic events to which I blame solely on political correctness, feminism and Marxism for – my mind was made up, the political arena is where I belong.

We’ll not be bringing back the National British Resistance, my age as a leader stands against me and unfortunately the majority can not take a 21 year old seriously in that capacity however I can contribute and aid a new movement or party.

Playtime is well and truly over – it’s time to take nationalism up to the next level and bring about the real change needed in Britain. No more ego’s, persona’s or comical outings – this is serious in every single way, this is the future of Britain and I have both a personal and a public mission to fulfill.

With Nick Griffin being unfairly expelled from the BNP we can expect the Party to fall apart as the current administration is corrupt and unable to properly lead. I believe that Nick Griffin is the man for the leadership role but leadership of a new and strong movement, only Nick with his experience and intelligence can lead British Nationalism forward into the future.

The time has come for us to build a new movement from the ashes of the old BNP, a new and ambitious nationalist movement that embodies both the will and the spirit of the British people triumphantly under the glorious burning fire of the Nationalist flame.

The new movement needs to be not only a Nationalist movement but also a civil rights movement for that to Freedom of Speech – we need a movement that is strong enough to condemn the current vulgar offering of false democracy and a movement that is strong enough to unite all nationalists under one banner.

We have to build this movement up by rank and file and ready it for a time ahead in the future, strong efforts must be put into recruitment, training and preparation – we have to build a force of strength unlike anything ever seen before – yes, this my friends is the future!

We can only do this by going about it in a professional and organised manner – we will need a good team of strong, determined and passionate nationalists, people who are willing to sacrifice their life in service to their country.

Lets throw out the old trash and bring in the new wind of change, a gust of fresh air that is quickly descending upon Britain from the European continent.

my place is in this movement and so is yours!

Lets just see what the future brings my friends but I fully believe there are positive things ahead

Joshua Bonehill


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  1. josh. Have you learnt nothing. It wasn’t your age that went against you. It was the fact that you were a naughty boy, and really aren’t that clever.

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