Benefits for Terrorists: Meet the ISIS terrorist who you pay for

Aazim Quangir Khan from Birmingham left to fight for ISIS earlier this year but returned to the UK in August due to an injury sustained whilst fighting in Syria against the western coalition.

Aazim Khan giving you the British public the middle finger

Aazim Khan giving you the British public the middle finger

Khan who is 22, unemployed and classified as an extremist lives quite comfortably in his apartment to which he claims housing benefit, Disability Living Allowance (for the injuries he sustained whilst fighting in syria) and carers allowance for his older brother Mohammed who lives with him.

The UK government has evidence that Aazim fought for ISIS in syria, yet he was allowed to return to the UK and more worryingly, allowed to claim benefits at the expense of the UK taxpayer of whom he declared an enemy of the Islamic State whilst fighting in syria.

Khan is not the only one, the Daily Bale understands that over 200 other individuals living in the UK have returned from terrorist duty in syria to claim benefits in the UK and live comfortably without any repercussions for their extremist behavior – all at the expense of us the British taxpayer.

So there we have it, not only are we allowing terrorists to live in this country but yes we are now also paying for them to enjoy a comfortable existence and all the luxuries that come with that in Britain.

Steven Sodholmy, Reporter