Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe to join Labour Party

The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe is set to join the Labour Party after he declared his support for Ed Miliband after the Labour conference in Manchester last week.

Sutcliffe who is imprisoned at Broadmoor hospital prison for committing a string of horrific murders during the 1970s and early 1980s has been described as feeling “optimistic” about the speech given by Ed Miliband at the Labour conference and has openly displayed his interest in joining the Party.

Normal inmates based at regular prisons across the country are unable to join political parties or vote in elections but because Broadmoor Prison is technically not classified as an operational prison, there is a loophole which will mean Mr. Sutcliffe will be able to join the party.

Labour spokesman Jim Bean told the Daily Bale “Whilst we do not condone the actions of Mr. Sutcliffe, we do however recognise like any normal human being that he has political views and these will most certainly be welcomed by our party – we will not discriminate on any grounds when it comes to party membership”

Members of the Labour Party are split over the possibility of entertaining a serial killer within the ranks of their party as it emerged yesterday that this could potentially encourage other inmates based at Broadmoor to join their party.