UAF activists burn the union jack in croydon protest

Members of Unite Against Fascism have caused anger in the community after their activists sensationally burnt the Union Jack at a protest in Croydon today.


UAF activists burning the flag in croydon today

UAF activists gathered in Croydon to protest against racism in the metropolitan police at 12pm today but the emphasis was drawn to their activists who decided to burn the Union Jack flag with lighters whilst chanting ‘Britain is no more’ on loudspeakers.

The activist group which is known for combating racism and fascism in the community was condemned by Westminster politicians who branded the group ‘unethical’ and ‘anti-British’.

The UAF defended the flag burning in a statement posted on their Facebook page stating ‘our activists chose to burn the union jack to display their anger towards the way how the Steven Lawrence case has been dealt with by the metropolitan police. Racism is a real threat to British society and has no place In our community’

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Labour Party: “We will change the Union Flag if we come to power”

The Labour Party today announced plans to change Britain’s historic Union flag if they come to power in 2015. – in reflection of a changing multicultural country


Union flag, historic symbol of unity

The Union flag is a historic cultural and patriotic symbol that binds the realms of the United Kingdom under one proud standard but now the Daily Bale has learnt that if Labour comes to power In 2015 they will be looking to change the flag in favour of something that represents ‘culturally changing’ Britain.

Ed Miliband announced whilst speaking at a Left4change meeting in croydon today that the old union flag was ‘imperialist’ and ‘a reminder of a days when slavery ruled and many suffered’.

Labour Party spokesman Jim Bean told the Daily Bale, “We will be looking to change the Union flag In 2015 should we come to power, we have to represent the new ethnically rich face of Britain that incorporates the different races and religions that are so prevalent in Britain today”.

“This is the morally right thing to do, we have to keep in line with the changing face of the country and represent those who have no voice”

There is even speculation to state that the new flag would contain islamic symbolism combined with a Christian cross and a group of ‘coloured’ hands holding to show multiculturalism in the united kingdom.

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Hope not hate Left Wing Anti Fascist Movement 70 Stone Shocker


Britain’s fattest man: 70st Keith – who can’t sit up, wash himself or go to the loo – gives up his 24-egg breakfasts in a last ditch attempt to lose weight
Keith Martins had a BMI of 155 and was classed as mega-obese
He was bed-bound for two years, couldn’t sit up for a year, didn’t leave his house for a decade and his care cost the council £40,000 a year


Doctors gave him two years to live unless he lost weight.

But he was told that he couldn’t have weight loss surgery until he could stand up and went on a radical diet and physiotherapy regime and lost 25st to make him fit to have surgery.


Once he could stand, he was approved for surgery but it was still very risky.


Keith is believed to be a Member of Hope Not Hate, the left wing Anti Fascist group.

A source told the Daily Bale that Keith once almost choked whilst talking to Nick Lowles on the phone and trying to eat a triple three and a half pound cheese burger at the same time.


Nick Lowles, – leader and Commissar of the hated left wing anti fascist anti British Hope Not Hate Thug group.

With thanks to the British Patriots Society on Facebook – Link provided below.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing immorality.

Gary Raikcroft

Left wing weirdos and politically correct sick perverts Hope not hate.


Sick vile left wing politically correct perverts and weirdos backed paedophilia with children as young as 10.


The sick left wing anti fascist anti British anti white racist fascist thug movement Hope Not Hate is funded by the leftist Labour Party.

We must protect our children and beware of these vile people !

Daily Bale reporter on left wing sex criminality – Gary Raikroft


Pervert Pensioner member of Hope Not Hate anti fascist left wing weirdos

A Pervert Pensioner is believed to be a fully paid up member of the left wing politically correct Hope Not Hate movement.
Pervert, Louis Poyner, had been attending left wing anti fascist meetings run by the hated left wing weirdos – Hope Not Hate.

Anger as pervert pensioner shown mercy
ONE of Louis Poyner’s victims has hit out at the judge’s decision to show the sex offender compassion. Judge Jarvis was asked to have ‘mercy’ upon the pensioner because of his age and the fact he has cancer.
With thanks to the British Patriots Society on facebook – link provided below.
Daily Bale reporter on left wing criminality –  Peter James.

War Memorial to be taken down and destroyed – because its racist

East Sutton war memorial is a historic and important reminder of the men who gave their lives in WWI from Kent  but today it faces being taken down – on the grounds that it is a racist symbol.


East sutton war memorial in kent, pride of the community but stands accused of racism

Labour backed equality and human rights Quango, Left4Change is launching a petition against the East Sutton war memorial, branding it ‘community racism at its worst’.

The Quango, led by Hope not Hate leader Nick Lowles announced on their twitter feed that they had received a complaint from a black member of the community who felt the War memorial was the WPWW (White Pride World Wide) Symbol.


If Left4Change is successful with their petition then the 90 year old war memorial could be uprooted and demolished in favour for a smaller and more ‘bland’ memorial to the soldiers who lost their life during the war.

Nick Lowles, self proclaimed chairman of Left4Change told the Daily Bale ‘There is a real feel of change in this country, change that promotes equality and anti-racism across the Nation. Part of this change is the elimination of all racist symbolism from our community and whilst we are taking a bold step In removing this war memorial, it’s definitely the right step’.

Residents of East Sutton are reportedly furious at the move and will be staging a demonstration next Saturday around the War Memorial in a last bid to keep it placed.

Is East Sutton war memorial racist?

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HOPE not hate. Now recognised as a Racist and Fascist extremist organisation.


The evil and hated extreme left wing so called “anti fascist” organisation – Hope not hate has now been exposed and recognised as a Racist and Fascist extremist hate group by the majority of the general public.


Race hate propaganda of Hope not hate.

Thanks to recent articles by the (Daily Bale) exposing the racist ideology and Politically Correct anti British ideology of Hope not hate, the general public are steering well clear of this evil rogue extreme left wing thug organisation.


Leader of Hope not hate – Nick Lowles.

The Daily Bale first exposed how Hope not hate “recognise differences” in people by continuously bringing attention to race by calling people racists where no racism existed or any differences were recognised until the left wing extremists brought the subject up by calling anybody a racist who opposed them or their policies in any way.

This makes Hope not hate RACIST for using race and differences in their evil Politically Correct policy of keeping the general public quiet and suppressing freedom of speech by calling anybody who opposes them a racist, and using race as a tool to do that.

Also by the very fact of trying to suppress freedom of speech by using race to call people racists who oppose them and trying to publicly shame and bully innocent decent British people just to keep them quiet, then this makes Hope not hate FASCIST.

Left wing Anti Fascists Hope not hate “are”  by their very nature – RACISTS and FASCISTS !

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