Left Wing Anti Fascist member steals from 92 year old British Pensioner

Sick left wing anti fascist weirdo and freak, steals from 92 year old pensioner who trusted her.


This is the moment a ‘despicable’ thief was caught on camera stealing cash from her 92-year-old deaf neighbour.

Burglar Gillian Carlton King rifled through Hazel Bywater’s belongings in her flat in Bridlington, East Yorks, and stole a box containing £185 from the frail pensioner’s kitchen.

Former carer Carlton King, 57, was caught when Hazel’s son, Roy Porter, suspected money was missing and set up CCTV in her flat.

Two motion-sensitive cameras were installed in the flat two weeks before capturing Carlton King in the act and son Roy handed the footage over to the police.

The ‘heartless’ thief would occasionally run errands for Mrs Bywater and other residents in the block of flats, but was caught rifling through cupboards and stealing cash from handbags.

The evil left wing sicko is believed to be a member of the hated Anti Fascist Anti British thug gang – Hope Not Hate.


Below, Hope Not Hate Anti Fascist Anti British Hope Not Hate leader – Nick Lowles


Nick Lowles. Very happy with his Movement’s progress to squash freedom of speech with Political Correctness bullying.


Left wing pervert Gillian Carlton sneaks into 92 Hazel Bywater’s home to steal from the British Patriotic pensioner.


The evil left wing anti fascist loads up her jacket with valuables and cash, no doubt intended for Anti Fascist Anti British thug group campaign funds like Hope Not Hate.


Poor British Patriotic Hazel, with her daughter devastated that people could sink so low.



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