Labour Party: “We will change the Union Flag if we come to power”

The Labour Party today announced plans to change Britain’s historic Union flag if they come to power in 2015. – in reflection of a changing multicultural country


Union flag, historic symbol of unity

The Union flag is a historic cultural and patriotic symbol that binds the realms of the United Kingdom under one proud standard but now the Daily Bale has learnt that if Labour comes to power In 2015 they will be looking to change the flag in favour of something that represents ‘culturally changing’ Britain.

Ed Miliband announced whilst speaking at a Left4change meeting in croydon today that the old union flag was ‘imperialist’ and ‘a reminder of a days when slavery ruled and many suffered’.

Labour Party spokesman Jim Bean told the Daily Bale, “We will be looking to change the Union flag In 2015 should we come to power, we have to represent the new ethnically rich face of Britain that incorporates the different races and religions that are so prevalent in Britain today”.

“This is the morally right thing to do, we have to keep in line with the changing face of the country and represent those who have no voice”

There is even speculation to state that the new flag would contain islamic symbolism combined with a Christian cross and a group of ‘coloured’ hands holding to show multiculturalism in the united kingdom.

Do you think we should change our flag?

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80 thoughts on “Labour Party: “We will change the Union Flag if we come to power”

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  2. I wouldn’t care if they had great policies now. Changing the flag to pander to minority groups and political correctness just gurantees UKIP my vote!

  3. When others of different cultures come to live in the UK.Then they should integrate into our culture.Multiculturalism.only brings other cultures problems.which we neither want or need.and as far as their religious symbolism goes.They should leave. It from where they came.TO the Labour Party I say.touch our flag and your end shall be SURELY.NIGH.

  4. ive..always.voted.for.labour,

  5. I’ve no intention of voting Labour anyway but this is the nail in their coffin if they dont resind this

  6. I want to vote Labour. But not if they will change our Union flag. Then I will vote anyone but Labour. Immigration has to be curbed also.

  7. You want to change the flag to represent those who “have no voice”? Hello the only people who have no voice these days are the White British! Just for the record I have no wish to offend anyone with this comment, it is just my personal opinion with how Great Britain is going down the pan.

  8. Well said sir I will not vote for labour as I’m an ex-serviceman who’s have lost friends to terrorist and have spilt my own blood defending our country and our flag and if those daft people think I will stand back and let them make a mockery of our countrymen the British people then they better think again they are a disgrace and should be ashamed to call themselves British

  9. The Union Jack is of the 4 countries that make up the U.K.,Wales,England,Scotland and Northern Ireland. Nothing to do with cultures or other nationalities.

  10. are you taking the piss this country is getting worse the government needs to stop licking every other country’s ass and start looking after its own ppl and respecting what we want instead of caring about upsetting ppl does my nut in sort it out or stand down if you ain’t got the balls to do ur jobs properly yous make me sick

  11. Labour party have a lot to answer for, they have made being patriotic a dirty word.You do not represent the people any more you traitors. The flag is ours ,the people not yours to change. And as for supporting UAF Fascists. You drove the last nail in your coffin yourselfs. You lost my families vote with that.

  12. I agree with every word you said ,Labour have just made the biggest mistake of their political history ,its bad enough that we have to live with the scum that wants to destroy us ,but this is showing us how desperate the toffee nosed (milliband )git is for votes , he is relying on the muslim vote !! MY next VOTE will not be for Labour that’s for sure , The EDF are now starting to look a very attractive alternative, to what is now becoming a sad end to our BRITISH VALUES AND WAY OF LIFE ..

  13. No, I’ve had friends die in Iraq and a Afghanistan for this beautiful flag, that is the symbol of who we are and where we come from, with out that flag we’re nothing and may as well give up on our monarchy and our once great nation, God Save The Queen

  14. I would NEVER vote for anybody even contemplating such an idiotic idea, i’m proud of that flag and even if they offered me free energy for life I would still say NO.

  15. This is the flag that I supported whilst serving in the forces. It is also the flag that we carried during the war and that which my father and his father fought under. HOW DARE any pathetic polititian even think about altering it or changing it. NEVER will the British people accept it. I for one will always fly this flag for England and our Queen. I will personall burn any other ESPECIALLY if it contain any muslim or foreign symbols. WE are British Mr Millipede. We will not take this lying down. We have already given back most of the countries we took as an empire and many of them cant run themselves now. We open our doors for foreigners to come here and we get treated like shit by them. We give them homes and money and they still try to blow us up and put bombs on trains busses and even animals like horses. That Flag represents our nation as a whole and if anyone should think of changing it then the whole coun try needs to have a vote of at least 90% in order to do so. The Queen should stop it before it happens. No single group or political party should consider this. I am not a muslin, indian, chinese, middle eastern or any other nationality. I AM BRITISH. Just try to stop me flying the Union Flag . It wont happen. Ill take up arms and go to prison before I give that up.

  16. I could not have put it better…its a disgrace to even contemplate such a thing ….disgusting !!!!!

  17. You traitor Miliband.. You should think about those who fought and died for this flag not bow down to those that don’t give a toss you scum bag..

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