War Memorial to be taken down and destroyed – because its racist

East Sutton war memorial is a historic and important reminder of the men who gave their lives in WWI from Kent  but today it faces being taken down – on the grounds that it is a racist symbol.


East sutton war memorial in kent, pride of the community but stands accused of racism

Labour backed equality and human rights Quango, Left4Change is launching a petition against the East Sutton war memorial, branding it ‘community racism at its worst’.

The Quango, led by Hope not Hate leader Nick Lowles announced on their twitter feed that they had received a complaint from a black member of the community who felt the War memorial was the WPWW (White Pride World Wide) Symbol.


If Left4Change is successful with their petition then the 90 year old war memorial could be uprooted and demolished in favour for a smaller and more ‘bland’ memorial to the soldiers who lost their life during the war.

Nick Lowles, self proclaimed chairman of Left4Change told the Daily Bale ‘There is a real feel of change in this country, change that promotes equality and anti-racism across the Nation. Part of this change is the elimination of all racist symbolism from our community and whilst we are taking a bold step In removing this war memorial, it’s definitely the right step’.

Residents of East Sutton are reportedly furious at the move and will be staging a demonstration next Saturday around the War Memorial in a last bid to keep it placed.

Is East Sutton war memorial racist?

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3 thoughts on “War Memorial to be taken down and destroyed – because its racist

  1. It’s a celtic cross to remove it would be racist against Celts, what a load of rubbish surely they can’t be serious about removing a memorial to people who gave their lives for our nation?

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