Nick Lowles announced as chairman of Paedophile rights group, Left4Change

Labour backed Paedophilia rights group and Left-Wing Quango, Left4Change announced that Hope not Hate leader Nick Lowles would be becoming their new Chairman today.


Left4Change is an extreme left-wing group that first hit the headlines after it decided to petition against black pudding, branding it a racist and derogatory term towards black people.

More recently the group has been involved in Paedophilia rights campaigns up and Down the country, openly supporting convicted paedophiles in an attempt to lower their sentencing in the courts, sickeningly claiming that Paedophilia is ‘natural’.


In an announcement made today on Left4Change’s Twitter account (@left4change), hope not hate leader Nick Lowles was announced as the groups new Chairman in a move to unite the two leftist organisations.


In a statement on Left4Change’s website, Nick Lowles pledged to fight for the rights of paedophiles and bring universal awareness to human rights equality issues in this country.

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One thought on “Nick Lowles announced as chairman of Paedophile rights group, Left4Change

  1. Well he’s ideal for the job, isn’t he? No one more fits the archetypal paedo mould than our own dear Nick. His motto must be “Hope the kids don’t Hate me!”

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