Jim Davidson Comedian National British Treasure and One Up to the Left Wing

Jim Davidson, Comedian and National British treasure, has been entertaining the British public for decades and is loved and adored by the vast majority of the British people.


Jim wins Big Brother and claims the public’s love and support once again.

Jim had been called down and vilified by the left wing Politically Correct weirdos and left wing sickos for years, but the majority of the British public always loved Jim and still do love him- and we always will.

Jim proves that no matter what the left wing sick traitors and Politically Correct anti British commies throw at people just because they do not fit the warped twisted sick left wing ideology of P.C garbage, – the general public do not agree with them and the majority of the British public have always detested and disagreed with Politically Correct nonsense and left wing fascist crap.


One of Jim’s biggest haters and critics – Nina Myskow

Nina Myskow made vile comments about Jim Davidson and called him and his character down on the “At least i’m not boring” channel 5 show about Jim.


Nina Myskow  – has shown herself to be a vile Politically Correct left wing crank and weirdo, and she is fooling nobody.

The public now despise her, and she has exposed herself to be exactly just what she is, and we believe to be – a Politically Correct Crank and a left wing commie, anti British, and an anti patriotic traitor to the real British way of life and the true British patriotic identity.

Go crawl back under your communist slimy rock Nina, and go tell your Politically Correct Crap to the people who want to hear it – your comrades and anti British P.C communist left wing traitor friends.

We have no doubt that the show business world will be reading this Daily Bale report with interest.

The National British mood is changing fast – and anti British Politically Correct left wing cranks are not good to be around at this time because the general public are very “anti politically correct” and anti left wing nonsense and P.C garbage.

We the real decent British public do not want you or your crap Nina, so stay off our T.v screens !


The lovely totally patriotic Linda Lusardi,  – who stood up for Jim on the Channel 5 show about him, and she gave a fair and honest opinion, unlike Nina Myskow.

We the British Public applaud you Linda Lusardi, you are still one of the great British favourites, and you always will be.

Linda’s own site can be found at –


We most certainly recommend Linda to all producers as the face the British public wants to see on Television

Lastly but certainly not least, Jim Davidson. We love you Jim, and we the Great British public want to see more of you on our screens and we congratulate you for the Champion and the true Brit that you really are.

New Generation Game Hostess Davidson

Jiim Davidson. Hero and true Brit.

Daily Bale reporter on showbiz – Steve Castleton.