Gingerbread men could be banned – because they’re racist to ginger haired people

The Daily Bale has learnt that Leftist organisation, ‘Left4Change’ is preparing a petition to hand to the European Court of human rights – to ban gingerbread men Because they are racist


The humble gingerbread man, British institution

Labour backed Quango Left4Change hit the headlines recently when they attempted to ban black pudding but were met with fierce opposition by British Patriots who signed their name to a petition against it.

Left4Change now claim that Gingerbread men are potentially offensive to People with Ginger hair and that they discriminate against ginger people in the same way that a golliwog discriminates against black people (which it doesn’t).

Gingerbread men are a British traditional food that has been enjoyed by British children for centuries past and there is absolutely no indication that they discriminate against people with Ginger hair, yet this is seen different by the Labour Party backed organisation.


Left4Change state on their website, ‘9 out of 10 Ginger people face racial discrimination because of their hair colour and anti-ginger propaganda such as gingerbread men. It is our view and the view of many British people that this form of gingerism needs to be stamped out’

Should gingerbread men be outlawed on the grounds of racism?

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