British Patriots Society becomes part of the Daily Bale

We have decided to incorporate the British Patriots Society with the Daily Bale franchise.


The British Patriots Society Facebook organisation will now be under the complete ownership of Daily Bale News Corp. After we imposed strict sanctions against the original British Patriots Society and subsequently declared war on their operations, we now see fit to occupy their movement and run it as if it were our own group,

The new British Patriots Society Facebook page can be found here:

Both Steve ‘Yido’ Armstrong and Sara Roocroft have betrayed the nationalist cause by repeatedly working with the leftist enemy in an attempt to smear our own Joshua Bonehill. We no longer recognise their legitimacy as Patriots or a Facebook organisation so subsequently it was agreed to set up a new BPS.

If other ‘so-called’ right-wing Facebook organisations are found to be corrupted by Leftist vermin then we will have no other option than to invade their pages and occupy them under the Daily Bale, both for the greater good and for a true nationalist future.

If you’re a liability then you must go, it’s simple as that.

This now takes the number of Facebook pages owned by Daily Bale News Corp up to 289.

Daily Bale News Corp 2014