The war on deception: Fighting for a true nationalist future

It’s true that recently we have been attacking various right-wing facebook groups, including British Patriots Society and the Casuals United but we do this because they are more of a threat to the nationalist community then some leftist groups.


It is our view and the view of many others that the above mentioned groups are leftist infiltrated feminist Facebook organisations that are trying to follow the success laid out by the English Defence League but so far are failing.

These groups are run by uneducated amateurs who call people ‘nonces’ and ‘bullies’ when they disagree with something, they take onboard misinformation from leftist spies and publish it as if it would be real and are a complete liability to the nationalist community in the United Kingdom.

We’ve made it perfectly clear In the case of the British Patriots Society that the page has to be removed from Facebook and we will continue attacking it daily until Facebook completely removes it, this is because they are waging a personal hate campaign against Joshua Bonehill who is both a patriot and true nationalist, a man who very clearly they fear.

We will attack and destroy any such group that becomes a threat to the Nationalist cause without mercy or fear of reprisal attacks. Until these groups have been completely destructed and dismantled, there can be no success with nationalism in the United Kingdom.

Instead we propose a new political ideology, Bonehillism, Neither Right-Wing or Left-Wing. A nationalist ideology that will eventually bring about a new political movement as proposed by Joshua Bonehill in the near future.

We traditionally side with anybody on the right-wing spectrum as present, supporting such groups as the British National Party, National Front, Stormfront, NBU, NDP (Germany), Right Sector (Ukraine).

We do not answer to anybody, no group is an authority over us and we don’t recognise the legitimacy of groups such as the BPS, EVF, Casuals and elements of the now ailing EDL.

Bonehillism is a Nationalist ideology that centres around the National Community, it is a belief that British people come first and challenges extreme leftist groups which we recognise as being immoral and unnatural, completely perverse of Britishness.

Groups such as EDL, EVF, BPS and The causals are decoy groups and have been set up to control the Nationalist community with lies and deception. They are not patriotic and do not care about the real British People. Many Patriots have fallen for the deception, the Great Deception as implemented by the left but we will fight this and expose those responsible for this rape of Great Britain.

An essay by Joshua Bonehill.
Daily Bale News Corp