British Patriots Society II – Linked to Left Wing Pervert List

The Daily Bale has learnt that with the recent allegations now being levelled at the British Patriots Society II on facebook, it has now emerged that they are also linked to several funds being supplied by Labour Party activists and figures linked to the disgusting scandal over perverts and paedophilia.

We have been given exclusive info that one of the admin on the British Patriots Society II page, was on a payroll that was provided by sick left wing activist perverts that paid them to put out “certain” posts, and to “influence” the mindset of the right wing towards certain Labour policies.

Its turns out that they are a left wing scam page to make money, and a left wing spy page !

The new Official British Patriots Society page stands behind us fully – this is the “real” page and the “real” Patriot Society now managed by true and real Patriots

The Daily Bale see’s this as nothing more than betrayal of the British People, and betrayal and treachery towards their own page members who have liked their page on facebook and think they are following a true patriotic cause.

We were given the name of the admin on the BPS II page, but because of legal complications with other parties involved, we can only say that the person is a female, and currently on the admin team of the British Patriots Society II


British Patriots Society II – a fake and rogue left wing front on Facebook.

The Daily Bale strongly suggests that anybody who has “liked” this vile page unknowingly as to what it is – “unlike” immediately and get off it.

The Daily Bale will be reporting on all sick traffic going through the page, and anything the public needs to know.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing crime.

William Stewart.