Historic British Castle to become Mosque

The Daily Bale has learnt that Historic British Duntarvie Castle is being rebuilt and turned into a mosque after it was sold off by English Heritage last year.


Duntarvie Castle, set in beautiful surroundings and due to become a Mosque

Beautiful Duntarvie Castle situated in the heart of West Lothian Scotland has been undergoing restoration since the mid 1990s but last year it was sold off to the Islamic Council of Great Britain who intend to turn the Castle into a Mosque.

The Castle which was initially constructed in 1588 and used as a knights Templar garrison is scheduled to be reopened in 2017 after reconstruction is complete where it will serve the West Lothian community as the biggest Mosque in Scotland.

Both English Heritage and the Islamic council declined to speak to us about the matter.

Bob Dury who lives Near to the Castle in Scotland told the Daily Bale ‘This is a historic and Christian landmark used by the Knights Templar and to defend Britain against foreigners over the years, I just can not believe that it’s being turned into a Mosque and being used as an Islamic centre as History would not agree with this’.

Members of the EDL took to twitter and Facebook to express their disgust at the move, branding it ‘outrageous’ and ‘ludicrous’.

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3 thoughts on “Historic British Castle to become Mosque

  1. I don’t understand – how come a Scottish castle is owned by English Heritage – would not the Scottish National Heritage own it? I’m English and no English listed buildings are owned by Scottish National Heritage

  2. Thats totally wrong!! The people of Scotland should rise up against this scum before they take over.
    Get some pig carcasses and plant them around the place they will never be able to build on the site again.
    English heritage you are traitor to your own cause I hope your demise will be as slow and painful as what Scotland is feeling.

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