British Patriots Society turn into Leftist Puppets

We’ve reported recently on the betrayal of the British Patriots society who have been spreading Leftist misinformation and openly colluding with Left-Wing agitators – they’re still at it.


The British Patriots Society can no longer be taken seriously as a Patriotic organisation, more so they’re betraying the people who post on their Facebook page by handing the names of all those who post to Hope not Hate.

Leftist Agitator and wind up merchant Maggie Chapman who is friends with Sara Roocroft has been made an Admin of The British Patriots Society and reportedly handed over a list of all those who are posting on the page to Hope not Hate.

Pictures of Patriots children have been stolen amongst other information in an attempt to keep a list of active right-wing Internet activists by Hope not Hate.

Essentially the people who have liked the British Patriots Society are being used by Sara and Maggie as Pawns to attack other nationalist pages on Facebook without realising that they are being used in a large scale leftist operation. It’s sad that the page has been hijacked but it’s important that we get the message out there and inform unsuspecting patriots Who still Believe the page is legitimate.

Self proclaimed hard man and lap dog of Sara Roocroft, Steve ‘Yido’ Armstrong threatened to show up to Joshua Bonehill’s court case last week with a gang of people to presumably attack Joshua but he failed to show. The BPS are getting awfully worried about Joshua Bonehill exposing them which is why they threaten and lie about him on their page.

Steve later threatened to turn up to Joshua’s home address with a baseball bat in Yeovil but Joshua doesn’t take his threats seriously as Sissy Steve failed to show up to the court with his gang after he made flaccid threats last time around.

The Daily Bale is actively working to take down the British Patriots Society from Faceook and persecute those who are engaging in Leftist smear campaigns to break up the right-wing.

We will continue to report on the downfall of Leftist Infiltrated BPS in the coming weeks with a special celebratory report when their Facebook page is removed soon.

We advise all Patriots to stop posting on the British Patriots Society wall and articles, unlike the page and avoid all contact with them as you may find your personal pictures and information have been shared with the Left-Wing.

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