Pub in Melksham bans all UKIP supporters, branding them racists

A pub in Melksham called the Honeybucket has caused a political storm when it decided to ban all UKIP members and supporters in an announcement on its Twitter account.


The Honeybucket is a traditional pub situated in the heart of Melksham and has been serving alcohol on the premises for the past 150 years. The management of the pub branded UKIP supporters ‘racist’ and said that they would no longer be welcome there.


Ian Andrews, the general manager of the Honeybucket told the Daily Bale ‘We are concerned that UKIP has a hidden agenda and that being a racist one, our pub has always stood for equality and believes that all people should be welcome in our community regardless of colour. UKIP is just a little bit too far right for our small pub’


Furious UKIP supporters took to twitter and attacked the Honeybucket twitter account @HoneybucketPub demanding that the Pub allow UKIP members to continue using it.

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