Politically Correct Left Wing Anti Fascist Perverts Exposed – Exclusive !

Evil Left Wing Paedophile Anti Fascist Group Behind Sick Quango

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The Daily Bale has learnt that a vile sick left wing anti fascist and anti British politically correct Quango group, called ” Left4Change ” on twitter, is also run by the same group of vile perverts who run the evil left wing anti fascist facebook accounts and left wing sick pervert groups who attack and vilify Ukip and other decent moral parties and right wing patriotic groups – such as the Daily Bale.

One of their former activists told the Daily Bale –

” yes i was with them for about 4 months on their Hacker team. We were told to operate on Facebook under false accounts and to  cause as much chaos and disruption as possible within the right wing groups by posing as supporters, but ultimately spreading  rumours and lies. They didnt care who got hurt or damaged by their actions, but it all ultimately went back to Hope Not Hate and  the info we gathered got posted on the main HnH movement site. I decided i had to get out of Left4Change when they openly  promoted paedophilia. It just made me sick to the core, these people are truly sick individuals. The Daily Bale paid me no money for this information, and i came to the Daily Bale of my own free will”

The Daily Bale has agreed to keep this informants identity secret, but he will be providing further info for us undercover amongst left wing perverts, weirdos and sickos who are unaware of his identity.

The Daily Bale takes no pride in even talking to these sick vile weirdos, but we have to get as much info as we can when these perverts break away and offer the info.

Most left wing sickos now realise that their ship is sinking fast, and most just want to get out before it hits the rocks.

Many of them offer the Daily Bale info on the promise that we do not expose them, but we assure you that any criminal activity that comes to light in our investigations will immediately be forwarded to the police.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing political correctness and left wing criminality.

Philip Johnson.