Moderation of comments from today

We’ve taken the decision to moderate all comments posted on the Daily Bale from today.

This is simply because there are several people who are creating multiple identities to post under many of our articles and are attacking our readers. We know who these people are and have handed their IP addresses to various leftist watching organisations.

All serious comments will be welcomed, abuse, leftist bile or anything deemed unworthy of being here will be deleted by our moderation team.

We have a duty to our readers to provide a safe environment for posting comments and sharing their opinions and we will adhere by this new policy move for the foreseeable future.

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4 thoughts on “Moderation of comments from today

  1. This is a good idea as many or us were getting put off from commenting because of left wing fake comments that would attack the founder himself or members of Bale commenting here. Thanks DB

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