Misinformation: the biggest threat to nationalism today

We’ve been accused of being a ‘leftist-front’ to purposely draw up malicious lies in order to get patriots in trouble. We’ve also been attacked primarily by the British Patriots Society and Casuals United who presumably are jealous that we have a better news outlet than them.


Misinformation: one of the biggest threats to nationalism today

The truth of course is that we are not and will never be Left-Wing, not that we should have to defend ourselves from these rumours but unfortunately there are a number of simple people who use Facebook and believe what they see posted on Facebook pages.

A good example of this is when Maggie Chapman told Sara Roocroft who told Casuals United that our founder Joshua Bonehill had stolen money last year directly from Lee Rigby’s family. A smear created by a leftist and spread by unintelligent parties such as Casuals United or British Patriots Society. Both of whom are exclusive Facebook organisations that rely on their Facebook pages to survive,

Did Joshua go up to Lee Rigby’s family and steal money from their pockets?

No, that’s a ludicrous accusation because not only would he have been arrested but also it would have been all over the news.  

So why is it that Casuals United and British Patriots Society have turned on Joshua?

Both of these groups have been relatively unsuccessful lately and are fighting in a world of many Facebook organisations, non existent groups that have no real power in the nationalist front whatsoever,

Casuals is poorly run, little organisation and an amateur effort for what could be potentially a great movement but their defences are always lowered. Casuals want to kill Joshua Bonehill and make no secret of this, but why?

Because of the misinformation spread around Facebook by Maggie Chapman and other fake
Patriots who have lots of time on their hands. This misinformation is designed to stop people like Joshua and organisations like the Daily Bale in their infancy, designed by the left, spread by the right.

So In the long run, groups like Casuals United and British Patriots Society have to go and be completely eliminated from the nationalist frontline if we are ever to stand a serous chance of uniting as a right-wing front and make real change happen

It’s also important to note that both of the above organisations are run by leftist apologetic feminist  women. Nationalist movements will never work with a woman at the helm because she is susceptible to emotional blackmail and is too easy to believe leftist misinformation.

An essay by Joshua Bonehill
Twitter: @JoshuaBonehill


11 thoughts on “Misinformation: the biggest threat to nationalism today

  1. Casuals united is a laughing stock in the right wing community, I’m BNP and even I’m ashamed of the casuals. The sooner we gt rid of these smaller groups the better

  2. Misinformation is deadly, we’ve got to tighten up communication and eliminate petty groups such as the casuals and bps. Lefty apologetics the both of them. Good fucking riddance

  3. Everybody knows that sara Roocroft of bps is a leftist suck up and works with traitors like Maggie chap,am. These are just bitter old women who have nothing better to do with their lives

  4. Casuals are a pathetic amateur organisation and don’t have half the class the DB Has. BPS is just a front for patriot wear clothing and has no credibility as organisation whatsoever.

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