Daily Bale Founder Joshua Bonehill-Paine Confronts Anti Fascist Pervert

The Founder of the Daily Bale, Joshua Bonehill-Paine appeared at South Somerset magistrates court, charged with Malicious communications.


Brave Joshua Bonehill-Paine: The Founder of the Daily Bale.

Joshua above, chased off a left wing scruffy pervert and Slatukip Communist Agitator who appeared and started taking photos of the two women with Joshua in the court

A landmark case was adjourned until the 13th of March because the proceedings were disrupted by a Left-Wing agitator sent from Slatfascists/SLATUKIP/Hope not hate.

The man known as Richard approached Joshua Bonehill and the two women who were accompanying him whilst he was seated in the court waiting room. Richard made disgusting and inappropriate comments to the women and took photos of them. The ladies were moved into a private room for their safety whilst the anti fascist pervert was dealt with whilst Bonehill confronted the weirdo.

It was agreed in light of the disruption that the case should be adjourned until March 13th.

The man who turned up is believed to be behind many online attacks made on Patriots in recent months, operating from the SLATfascists and SLATUKIP twitter accounts.

After the court, Bonehill followed Richard who tried to make a run for it, and confronted him directly about his attacks on Patriots and he admitted responsibility for operating the twitter accounts above. A series of photographs were taken and in one of them, Richard can clearly be seen on his phone posting on an anti-patriot Facebook account.

This is the face of the left wing today !  Do you know this sicko ?  Do you know his associates ?

With all the recent exposures of left wing perverts and paedophiles we must be on guard.

No chances can be taken when dealing with Politically Correct weird left wing anti fascist perverts.

Left Wing Anti British Anti Fascist Agitator who disrupted the court proceedings: the Left Wing Sick Anti Fascist Communist and Weirdo took photos of women.




The pervert fled the scene shortly after this confrontation.   Do you know this left wing Slatukip anti fascist anti British sicko ?

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