Daily Bale Founder Attends Court. Champion Against Political Correctness

Joshua Bonehill

The brave and glorious founder himself.

The Founder of the Daily Bale, and the Founder of the peaceful charitable movement ‘Stand Strong’ today attends legal proceedings, to bring to an end months of left wing bullying, manipulation and intimidation by left wing marxist militant thugs.

Joshua intends to plead guilty to two charges of malicious communications, both charges arising from months of online repeated attacks towards the National peaceful charitable movement – Stand Strong and The Daily Bale.

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Support has been overwhelming.

Stand Strong was founded by Joshua, after the tragic death of drummer Lee Rigby.  The movement was set up to bring all communities together in peace and understanding, and peaceful protest against all forms of extremism and violence.

The movement raised thousands of pounds for charities and led to Nationwide peaceful gatherings of all communities in peace, solidarity and understanding.

Unfortunately, the movement was aggressively attacked by left wing anti British marxist militant politically correct racist and fascist thugs, who slandered the movement as ‘far right wing’ and offensive to minorities.

The movement itself was incidently co-chaired and run by an asian gentleman along with Joshua himself.

Joshua went on to found ‘The Daily Bale’ an online news outlet exposing left wing fascism and racism, and left wing politically correct bullying, manipulation and intimidation. The name B.A.L.E standing for – ‘Britons Against Left-wing Extremism.

A very long and dirty online ‘war’ over many months materialised, and the left wing marxist thugs attacked aggressively and ferociously, attacking and slandering Joshua and The Daily Bale wherever they could, and in all ways that were damaging to Joshua’s character and his reputation. The left wing thugs feared that they would be exposed and desperately wanted The Daily Bale shut down and Joshua vilified.

Joshua fought back and courageously held his ground in the face of repeated and disgusting online bullying and slander from left wing anti British marxist racist and fascist thugs.

Joshua made mistakes in defending his moral beliefs, and sometimes people got caught in the crossfire. Joshua admits his wrong doing and that he could of dealt with the attacks towards him in a better way. But, –  do the left wing marxist thugs admit their wrong doings ?  The answer to that is most certainly no, they do not.

Joshua stands today facing justice.  Justice for a cause he so dearly believes in, and also justice for all British people of all communities and all identities who are also making a stand against the unjust left wing politically correct bullying, manipulation and intimidation, and the vile racist and fascist slander being directed towards decent moral hard working people – just because they do not agree with left wing policies or left wing marxist politically correct nonsense and garbage.


We the general decent British public stand fully behind Joshua, and we believe all communities do too who believe in common sense, true morality and living in the real world without left wing politically correct criminality and bullying, or the vile racist and fascist mentality of the extreme left wing activist thugs.

The left wing politically correct marxists and vile racists, divide communities by continuously bringing attention to people’s race by vile race hate slander and bringing race to people’s attention, where before it just was not an issue. The majority of decent people do not recognise ‘differences’ in other human beings, and race is not an issue or a recognition.

The so called left wing ‘anti fascist’ thug organisations do recognise ‘differences’ in people, by continuously bringing attention to race, and using vile racist name calling and slander towards non racist people who just do not happen to agree with left wing policies or the extremism of left wing politically correct unjust and immoral ideology.

Who are the real fascists and racists in Britain today we ask ??

We call upon the Government to ban outright all criminal left wing activist militant thug organisations, and to protect the British public from any further left wing politically motivated fascism and racism, and the politically correct marxist bullying and intimidation by so called ‘anti fascist’ criminal groups.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a true Martyr and a true national hero to all decent moral upstanding hard working people everywhere who want to see an end to the unjust and immoral ideology of left wing political correctness, and left wing  politically correct fascist bullying, intimidation and manipulation of the British public.

Alan Richards.  Reporter on left wing crimes and P.C.C – politically correct criminality.


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  1. That picture of your ‘supporters’ is actually a picture of the early birds at last year’s Winterval lights switch-on in Taunton.
    D-, Must do better.

  2. No mention of the money you thieved from the Woolwich fund then.
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