British Patriots Society has betrayed the Right-Wing

After persistent warnings given to the Falsely named British Patriot Society to disassociate from leftist Maggie Chapman and to stop posting misinformation on their Facebook wall, they’ve decided to ignore our requests which has in turn been taken as a direct act of war against the Daily Bale.


Sara roocroft

The British Patriots Society which is ran and owned by Sara Roocroft is a front for Patriot Wear UK, a clothing company. There is nothing patriotic about the BPS, it supports UKIP but doesn’t support the British people and is being used to slander the name of patriots and destroy upcoming nationalist movements in their infancy.

The people who post on the British Patriot Society are being used as pawns by Sara Roocroft, she commands, they obey and this attack forces are blind to attacking people on their own side. Roocroft is a feminist dictator and leftist apologetic, through her ties with Maggie Chapman a known left-wing agitator and her general neglect in a running what is supposed to be a Patriotic page.

The British Patriots Society is a risk to nationalism and set up to misinform people and use mass brainwashing for Sara’s own sick agenda. It has to be removed immediately.

The Daily Bale has tried to resolve the issue, we even sent over representatives to recover the British Patriots Society and restore its value to the nationalist community but these offers we’re met with death threats and personal attacks from Sara Roocroft and her lap dog, Steve Yido Armstrong.

It is Now the view of the Daily Bale and in the best interests of the British People that the British Patriots Society is removed from the Internet and all operations subsequently stopped. We will be working around the clock to dismantle the BPS and now it will be seen as a ‘Left-Wing’ front, it’s patriotic status has been removed.

We would advise that all other parties don’t get involved, this is a war between the Daily Bale and British Patriots Society but as a precaution we are taking down a list of names from the British Patriots Society of people who have betrayed the nationalist cause, these names will be added to our very own blacklist.

Whilst this distracts us from fighting the real Leftist vermin, the BPS presents a very real threat to the nationalist cause and has to be eradicated permanently for the greater good.

Sara Roocroft can still make contact with the Daily Bale and discuss terms of her full unconditional surrender and a treaty will be drawn up, In the meantime as we see it; it’s war.

BALE (Briton’s Against Left-Wing Extremism)
Daily Bale News Corp



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  2. Hope they send you down tomorrow Bonehead, or is it going to be a no show like last time?

    “I request an adjournment your honour as my client has a poorly tummy ( again )”


  3. I am looking forward to it. You have to bring your own vaseline or I am going in raw. Thinking of your cute white tight little butt is making me hot already …xxx

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