Anti Fascist Politically Correct Left Wing Nazism and Nazi Ideology

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Left wing Political Correctness and left wing anti fascist ideology has its roots in National Socialism and Nazi Germany.

This is why left wing politically correct sick fascists cannot allow any questioning of their ideology and will quickly throw the debate by calling you a fascist or a racist if you so much as raise question to their sick ideology of political correctness and bullying tactics towards the British public.

The Daily Bale strongly calls upon the Government to ban and outlaw all politically correct intimidation, manipulation and Nazi bullying of the British people by left wing sick ideology and perverted criminal brainwashing through left wing groups like (Hope Not Hate) and (Unite Against Fascism) – the British people have had enough of these undercover racists and Nazis.

We call for the outright banning of all left wing neo nazi so called anti fascist groups who pretend to be acting for equality, but are in actual fact using Nazi ideology to bully and intimidate the public with political correctness into obedience and silence.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing fascism and racism.

Gary Westlake.


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