Anti Fascist Political Correctness and Left Wing Apologists


Warning – disturbing footage

A man who had learning difficulties was killed by a single punch, just for asking a man not to ride his bike on the pavement.

The man who killed him in an unprovoked attack got just four and a half years in prison.

But the public have been in uproar at the short prison term and the politically correct motivation behind the short sentence.

The crown prosecution service are now looking into lengthening the sentence after public anger at the leniency.

The left wing anti fascist politically correct sickos and weirdos on social networking have been saying that the attacker should not have gone to prison at all, and that it was racist to give out such a long sentence of four and a half years for a “silly mistake” !

The local black community were outraged and shocked at the disgusting nature of the attack and condemned any sort of violence in their community whatsoever, no matter what race carries it out.

But the anti fascist left wing politically correct anti British race hate stirrers have been making it known that they do not agree with the sentence and feel it was too long and that it was politically incorrect to send a man to prison for a silly mistake.

The left wing weirdos and sickos on facebook belong to a facebook group called “still laughing at the united kingdom independence party” – a Ukip protest group, and are reported to be closely tied with “Hope Not Hate” the left wing anti fascist race hate stirring politically correct vile communists.

A  spokesman told the Daily Bale –

“we do not agree with putting a man in prison just because he hit somebody and we feel that its racist to do that”

When the Daily Bale put it to them that it was the Anti Fascists like them that are the real racists for bringing attention to race all the time, he then told our reporter that –

“we have our own people in the “British Patriot Society II” who actually work with the admin on there, and its us who monitor the posts to make sure that they are not seen as racist – so how can you call us racist” ?

The Daily Bale has been warning for some time now about the British Patriots Society II being a left wing front.

Now we know for certain the info we had was right.

Daily Bale Community reporter,       William Richards.



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