‘Lee Rigby’s death doesn’t matter’, says British Patriot Society admin Sara Roocroft

Sara Roocroft who runs the Facebook Page, ‘British Patriots Society’ attacked a Veteran on his Facebook page and said that Lee Rigby’s death didn’t matter.


Sara Roocroft posted remarks about Lee Rigby on veteran, John Englands Facebook page

Roocroft who is a longtime UKIP supporter set up the Facebook Page, the British Patriots society a few years ago as a front to sell her merchandise at Patriot Wear UK. Loyal Patriots have been posting on their walls and responding to their posts without really knowing who was behind the page.

On the very day that the killers of Lee Rigby were sentenced, mentally unstable Sara Roocroft posted on Patriot and former British Army soldier; John England’s wall, telling him that the death of Lee Rigby ‘doesn’t matter’ and that the British Patriot Society doesn’t need ‘Squadies like John’.

The Daily Bale calls upon Sara Roocroft to step down from the British Patriots Society as her position is now untenable. She is an insult to Lee Rigby and his family.

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11 thoughts on “‘Lee Rigby’s death doesn’t matter’, says British Patriot Society admin Sara Roocroft

  1. Just seen this on the rip lee Rigby page. Can’t fucking believe it. What a disgrace Sara Roocroft is. Gonna unlike their shitty page now. BITCH

  2. ….and above yet another fake account of Bonehills to make it look like his shit page has followers… What a piece of shit you are Joshua.

  3. Only…….the ‘Sara Roocroft’ in that screencap is actually another of Bonehills many fake accounts, as is ‘John England’.

    Pathetic attempt yet again to create shit Bonehead. Only a total prick uses these tactics.

  4. What an absolute fucking bitch, going to post this article on all my FB pages. This bitch needs exposing and can’t be allowed to run the BPS anymore. Fucking cunt

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