Anti Fascist Left Wing Politically Correct Thugs Run Riot

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A young man attacked in Sheffield by what is believed to be left wing anti fascist weirdos and sick politically correct perverts.

Local residents told our reporter that there had been an increase in the visibility of left wing ‘hooded’ thugs, chanting anti British sentiments and communist phrases.

One local resident told our reporter that –

“we are sick to death round here of left wing politically correct anti British anti fascist racist thugs. We hear them all the time shouting things like ‘open the borders’ and ‘Hope not Hate’ – its just disgusting that these sick politically correct weirdos who’s own grandparents fought and died for this country, are now being drawn in to these left wing vile anti British Politically correct anti fascist racist movements like Hope Not Hate. Its make you sick”

Our own reporter had to leave the area quickly when the word spread that he was a Daily Bale reporter. He was confronted by 5 thugs wearing balaclavas and shouting racist fascist chants at him and shouting left wing anti fascist ‘Hope Not Hate’ slogans.

Our Daily Bale reporter is of mixed race and was shaken by the incident, but he was taken in and protected by patriotic residents further down the street.

Senior reporter on anti fascist and race hate.    Dave Hendon.


6 thoughts on “Anti Fascist Left Wing Politically Correct Thugs Run Riot

  1. Journalists? Um nope. This article and all the other bullshit articles on this blog are the work of one delusional Walter Mitty type wanker. He likes to pretend he has a right wing news empire with supporters when the reality is he has a free wordpress blog, an ego that far far outweighs his self worth and ability by a gazillion to one and severe brain damage.

  2. “Our own reporter had to leave the area quickly when the word spread that he was a Daily Bale reporter.”

    … as the sound of people asking “a ‘what’ reporter?” and laughing became deafening.

  3. Good grief, your ‘journalists’ are beyond inept.

    Firstly, this was reported in the mainstream media eighteen days ago and secondly, it was a racist attack by eight Asian youths on a white youth. Honestly, it’s cretinous – no wonder the Daily Bale is a watchword (assuming people have actually heard of it – most people are unaware) for piss poor journalism, delusional neo-fascist fantasies and all round failure to do/be anything of any value whatsoever.

    You really should give it up chaps, you’re no bloody good at it.

  4. Genuinely hilarious. What pure rubbish. Bonehill, you’ve run out of ideas.
    Our report is mixed race and was left shaken… Pah!
    I like how you pertain not to be racist, but then you post up random race related facts, and posts about the ‘dirty/greedy’ Jews. Complete idiot.

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