When will these people ever learn ??


Wont be around for long !


4 thoughts on “When will these people ever learn ??

  1. Ahhhh the affluent dealing in the effluent!!! It is obvious Mr Paine (or should that be Pain?) that anyone of such extreme right wing views (wouldn’t Herr Goebbels be proud!) should be treated with the contempt and disdain they deserve. May I respectfully suggest you go back to your Berkshire, or Middle England retreat and content yourself with sitting on your real horse (rather than your rather stupid anti “anything not as right wing as you horse”), chase a few innocent foxes have tea and crumpets with that nice Mr. Cameron and Samantha whilst the rest of us decide ourselves whether any of the somewhat dubious “stories” you run should be consigned to the rubbish bin of lunacy or thrown out with the trash! Personally I think it’s not fair on the trash to be associated with anyone quite so stupid, so lunacy it is then!

  2. Yes. I get it. Set up a fake page, then shut down said page and claim a ‘victory’ for Bale over its demise.

    Transparent and as deceitful as always Boner. Everyone with at least half a brain has you sussed out now. You only have the gullible morons left.

  3. Odd that, same punctuation errors exist in both places. One might surmise that it’s written by the same individual.

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