Daily Bale in smear campaign by the left wing activists on Facebook


The Daily Bale has had to have ‘certain’ Facebook pages removed who were causing offence to us, our followers and to the public in general.

We make it very clear once again.

We will have offensive platforms removed.

Those who are persistently trying to smear the name of the Daily Bale, are doing so ‘because’ they have left wing elements within their groups or organisations that are spreading these lies to ‘Demonise’ the Daily Bale in the Public perception.

They desperately want to shut us up !

Ask yourself why ?

We have already exposed the left wing lie called ‘Political Correctness’ and daily we expose left wing criminals and left wing fascist anti British activists.

We make it very clear. The Daily Bale ‘is’ here to stay, and ‘is’ growing massively in support by the day.

If you fall prey to left wing propaganda and lies about us, then you have been misinformed and you have been ‘had’ by the left wing undercover activists.

Our supporters will quickly recognise ‘Anti Daily Bale’ groups, and you ‘will’ be seen as left wing cohorts and conspirators.

Dont get caught out and labelled with that tag.

Work with us and support us.

Do not be fooled by left wing propaganda – it really does not keep with a successful outcome in your popularity.

Daily Bale team.


3 thoughts on “Daily Bale in smear campaign by the left wing activists on Facebook

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