Rapper Wiley makes Anti-White comments on Twitter

Rapper Wiley is at the centre of Twitter controversy again, this time he’s inciting hatred towards white people.


Wiley at the centre of a fresh racist Twitter storm

The Black rapper from London, known as Richard Kylea Cowie took to twitter and announced that he is “here to teach the youth” that they are not liked by White people, ultimately insinuating that all white people pose a threat to Black children and that they should be “prepared”.


He later made a comment on twitter stating “I don’t like white people anyway”.


Whether or not this is a PR stunt to draw attention to his career, his motives are currently unknown but this is a clear example of racism directed towards white people and surely through his actions he will alienate the majority of White people who buy his records, seeing as he doesn’t like them because the are white.

In a report issued by the Independent In 1999 it showed that over half of all racist incidents reported to the police are against White British people. – So why is Wiley not raising attention to the racism directed towards everybody instead of a specific ethnic group, is that not a racist thing to do in itself?

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