Anti Fascist Race Hate Attacks. Left Wing Fascism and Racism

Evil thugs attack mother and spit on daughter in a cowardly evil race hate attack.


Racist thugs spat on a four-year-old girl and brutally beat her mother in a 
sickening attack.

Saly Chowdhury was left with a black eye and facial injuries after two men and a woman tried to steal two boxes of crisps from her shop, the Hendon Valley Stores in Sunderland.

A local resident who wishes to remain anonymous told a Daily Bale reporter –

“this sort of thing has got worse since the Anti Fascist left wing race hate stirring groups have been spreading vile race hate around and bringing attention to people’s race all the time by going round calling people ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ – it just brings attention to ‘differences’ in people and it always seems to be one particular group of people who spread this awareness of peoples race and differences, its always the left wing anti fascist groups. They are the real racists and fascists. They are truly evil”

The Daily Bale Stands behind all communities as equals without differences, and we shall continue to expose the evil anti fascist race hate stirrers and left wing fascists and vile racists.

Gary Cole.  Daily Bale reporter.


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