The Situation in Ukraine

The Daily Bale urges the British government to support the Ukrainian Patriots who are fighting against the government of Ukraine to keep their country out of the USSR.

The Daily Bale sends it support to the Ukrainian protestors during this hard time and can see the they are fighting for a Patriotic and Nationalist cause to keep their country independent and not controlled by the evil communist hand of the USSR.

Whilst we appreciate that the USSR was fully dissolved in 1991, there are still elements of the old Soviet Union that remain within the Russian federation until today, people that were born between 1922 and 1991 that know nothing other than communism and until that is utterly purged from their society then we can not acknowledge their ‘dissolution’ in 1991.   

The Ukrainian Patriots who fight for their independence and right to a separate and free country from the Russian federation deserve the support of the British People and the European Union. We suggest that the EU arm the protestors and the RAF runs a full bombing raid over the Ukrainian government headquarters to ensure that the communist conspiracy is wiped cleanly from their country.

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