Message to The New Daily Patriot

Yesterday evening the Facebook page, ‘The New Daily Patriot’ decided to make a very public attack against the Daily Bale on their page which was drawn to our attention today.



The Daily Bale would like to give the New Daily Patriot an opportunity to publicly apologise for this weak mistake on their part and ask that they get in touch with us immediately to explain themselves.

Unfortunately there are Left-Wing vermin that like to run in between right wing organisations and cause problems, it seems that at this stage the New Daily Patriot could possibly be infiltrated by the Left-Wing which explains their decision to attack us so cowardly and publicly.

To even suggest that we are in some way connected to Hope not Hate or the Left-Wing is a complete insult to everything we stand for and have fought for over the past few months.

We don’t want to have to be forced to take sanctions against the New Daily Patriot but if there is no apology within 24 hours then we will have to.

The New Daily Patriot can get In touch with us here:

Daily Bale News Corp


14 thoughts on “Message to The New Daily Patriot

  1. Well I ain’t no ginger, I may have ‘fat fingers’ but that’s a bonus when it comes to curling them together into a fist and powerful for squeezing the throat of my enemies hard.

    But besides that, why are you attacking me personally? Have you now run out of ammunition to throw at me politically and the daily bale? So you’ve resorted to childish insults and playground bullying. Now, I’m assuming you’re one of Chapmans lot which makes you over the age of 50.its a bit sad, a fully grown adult resorting to chidish insults on the Internet. Do you suffer with a learning difficulty by chance, because that’s what it seems like from our position.

  2. Shame on the NDP, they should resign as their position is now untenable. Attacking the Daily Bale like that publicly is a big mistake and a completely amateur move by them. I hope they apolagize and this is all over because I don’t want to have to take sides but if it comes to that then I’ll back the daily bale any day

  3. My guess is that they support Jewish organization, UKIP so they are therefore supporters of left wing Judaism. The new daily patriot is just a front itself and in no way wields any authority over the right wing community. I’d also join in with a boycott on their page should they not apolagize publicly for their utterly treacherous and vile attack on the Daily Bale. To even assume that the Daily Bale is a left-wing organization is a sickening lie pushed out by these vile Jews. They need to be punished and punished the shall be if they don’t co operate. Start off by taking their page down, dig up as much dirt as you can on the people who run it and publish their information online, brand them as Jewish traitors and enemies of the nationalist community.

  4. Treacherous and cowardly actions from the New Daily Patriot, they must have been infiltratd by Bolshevik Jews and are now working with the left wing. These actions can’t be forgiven. Had shared this on my Facebook page and many of the people who have liked NDP have also liked my page and will unlike their page when they see this message. Shame on them…. Traitors!

  5. If They refuse to apolagize then call for a mass boycott of their facebook page and mass report it, hurt them where it hurts the most. Without a facebook page they will be useless and have to start all over again and I’m are the admins don’t want to have to build up 33k likes from scratch.

  6. I would also be prepared to boycot their facebook page and mass report them until they have no ground left to stand on whatsoever, it’s just a weak petty facebook organization and they have no right to pretend to be some authority over the right wing. Their actions are treacherous and unforgivable

  7. I have unliked their Facebook page and unfollowed them on twitter, we need to be working together and this kind of treachory can not be accepted under any circumstances. I hope they do apolagize and put this down to a mistake otherwise a lot more of us are going to be unliking them. I know myself, if war is declared on the new Dail patriot then I will spend days strategically reporting their Facebook page until it is taken down and crea fake Facebook accounts so I can report their page again and again. Defeat will not be an option. So let’s hope the apolagize hey.

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