UAF Activist arrested for racism

A member of Rochdale UAF (Unite Against Fascism) has been arrested – for racism


Racist: Kevin Perryson arrested for being grossly offensive online

Kevin Perryson, 23 from Manchester was arrested on Monday evening for posting grossly offensive comments on his Facebook account, stating that “White people are sub human trash”. Members of the public alerted the local police authorities and Perryson was arrested from his home.

This UAF declined to comment but the Daily Bale understands that Mr. Perryson still holds active membership with the militant group.

Daily Bale News Corp


5 thoughts on “UAF Activist arrested for racism

  1. LOL @ a self hating white person. What a fool. Go to Africa then, moron. Have fun with all that.

  2. “This UAF declined to comment” … probably because you didn’t ask them.

    Searching for other sources for this story, as usual, I find nothing in any other journals or publications, 100% fiction, as usual.

    You’re getting sadder by the day, Bonehead.

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