Exclusive: Paloma Faith could be a predatory Paedophile

The Daily Bale has been investigating the connection between Paedophillia and hamster lookalike  Paloma Faith in our latest under the spotlight investigation – Could Paloma faith be a paedophile? 


Palomhamster: hamster lookalike Paloma Faith

Last year, Paloma Faith came out In support of militant paedophilic organisation, Hope not Hate when she and her band posted a video to Nick Lowles’ blog but why would anybody be so stupid to make such a fatally bad career move?

We reported about the connections between Hope not hate and it’s paedophile financial backer, Tom O’ Carroll last year when financial documents were leaked to the BALE on Sunday which clearly showed O’ Carrolls name in print signed as an official backer.


The evidence: Paloma can be seen here posing on paedophile website, hope not hate in an attempt to cash in on the death of Lee Rigby

Whether Paloma Faith realised it or not, by posting that video to Nick Lowles’ blog, she was directly associating her name with acts of militant paedophillia in the United Kingdom thus making her a predatory left-wing paedophile.

Whilst we have no solid evidence to even begin to speculate that Paloma is in fact a predatory paedophile with the recent spate of celebrities being arrested under Operation Yewtree, this could in fact be a possibility and one that we can not ignore. Remember, this is pure speculation and there is no factual evidence nor are we accusing Paloma of being a paedophile, we are simply highlighting the parallels between the two Ps.


Paedophile fact file: Paloma seems to fit into many of these catorgaries

So when you weigh up the substantial evidence presented in this case, it doesn’t look too good for Paloma and we suggest that the authorities take a look at her computer equipment and hold it under examination for paedophilic material.

Could Paloma Faith be a Paedophile?

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Special report by Neville Wood 

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  1. Have googled ‘Hope Not Hate’ – absolutely nothing on the site to suggest it is a front for paedophiles so perhaps u could enlighten me ?

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