Daily Bale Fights Back: Keep black pudding on our shelves (Petition)

The Daily Bale is launching its offensive against left-wing Quango, Left4Change who are attempting to change the name of Black pudding to ‘pigs blood pudding’ because they believe it’s racist.


What we are fighting for: British black pudding, an institution

You the people have spoke, over fifteen thousand people shared our original article on Facebook and we’ve received a barrage of comments in disgust about Left4Change’s plans to ban Black Pudding so we’ve decided to head the campaign against them.

Our original article: https://thedailybale.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/black-pudding-to-be-banned-because-its-racist/

We’ve started the official petition to keep Black Pudding on our Shelves, you can sign it here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-black-pudding-on-our-shelves

The Daily Bale is going to face Left4Change head on and fight for the right to keep Black Pudding the way it is, just how we the British people like it.

This is political correctness gone too far and will not be tolerated by the British People.

The Daily BaleFighting for the rights of the British People

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12 thoughts on “Daily Bale Fights Back: Keep black pudding on our shelves (Petition)

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  2. This is what is wrong with the internet. Lies and misinformation posted for the gullible to spread. This sounded like BS from the start. 30 seconds with Google pretty much proved it.

  3. Has anyone actually got any evidence that anyone is trying to ban black pudding? As far as I can tell, this has just been made up to get a response.

  4. Good show Daily Bale, at least somebody is taking action. Have signed the petition and all the best of luck with it. May the right prevail

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