Hope not hate Nick Lowles and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un


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The Daily Bale has been sent exclusive info that Hope Not Hate and its twisted leader Nick Lowles, had links to the evil Korean left wing communist Dictator and politically correct fanatic – Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-Un has ruled north Korea with a solid communist politically correct iron fist since taking over from his father who was also an evil Dictator of North Korea, where freedom of speech is none existent and politically correct racist and fascist left wing communist policies rule the day.

The Daily Bale was given evidence to show that Hope Not Hate left wing politically correct communist Nick Lowles, seized the chance to make contact with his idol Kim Jong-Un (who he resembles slightly) when evil Jong-Un came to power.

Evil commie Lowles tried to make contact with the evil Dictator through a profile named Jimmy Dushku, but was in fact,

Nick Lowles.

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Hope not hate had already been posting references to North Korea and accusing a Ukip member of putting North Korea in a bad light by comparing it to Nelson Mandela in the same reference !

The Daily Bale finds all of this totally unacceptable and a typical example of the hypocricy and the double standards of the fascist and racist left wing politically correct weirdos, sickos and vile commie perverts that pose as moral decent people.


Daily Bale political reporter.  Dave Philips



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