EDL man commits suicide after Hope not Hate smear campaign

Last year, the Daily Bale reported on EDL member John Green who took his own life after a smear campaign run against him by Hope not Hate, this is his story.


EDL Patriot: John Green, ever the loving father

43 year old father of Four John Green was a British Patriot who loved his country dearly, he attended EDL demonstrations and quickly rose through the ranks of British nationalism but never expected the backlash directed towards him by Hope not Hate.

After several articles originally posted on Nick Lowles blog wrongly accused John of exploiting his children by bringing them to EDL demonstrations, John became traumatised and suffered very deeply from depression yet still the Left wing attacked.

John’s Facebook inbox became filled with threats from Left-Wing fake accounts who posted is address online and taunted his family in a vile hate campaign directed towards him, Johns mother; Jane Green had her Facebook account hacked and pictures of naked older gentlemen were littered over her wall.

All of this hate and anger directed towards John led him to take his own life when on July 21st, he entered Leeds Halfords store to buy some rope which he intended to take his own life with.


Suicide note: John Green wrote the above note with the letter below befote he died

Before killing himself, John wrote a suicide note that explained why he had chosen to take this drastic action; today we will make this public:

‘To those that read this,

My name  is John Green, I have decided to take my own life because of the immense pressure and harassment directed towards me by Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate. I have lost my job, friends and family members all of whom have believed hope not hates lies and I feel that I can no longer function in a normal society, I want to thank my friends and fellow patriots at EDL Leeds who did their best to support me during this hard time but I have come to the end now. To my wife and kids, I love you dearly and hope that you will remember the best of me and cherish those memories as I will do of you,


John Green,
EDL Leeds’

Soon after John took his own life, Hope not Hate removed the articles about John and still to this day deny that a Hate campaign was ever waged against Mr. Green but unfortunately for them, the evidence stacks up and they are guilty as charged.


Grave: John Green’s gravestone in Leeds.

Hope not Hate are a vile, hate filled Organisation who have driven people to suicide, they should be utterly ashamed with themselves.

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15 thoughts on “EDL man commits suicide after Hope not Hate smear campaign

  1. You sick sad fuckers I’d love to meet you both I’d smash you both up ….. Sick fucking nob heads

  2. Hello, I am John’s mother. I have various processions of Johns that I would like to give away to a lucky Daily Bale reader

    Washing machine, a pair of dead man’s shoes (brown brogues, slightly scuffed but nearly new), a Nokia N95 mobile phone, a spider plant and a six pairs of under pants (washed) with matching socks.

    Please leave contact number and I will call you back.

  3. I really like that you encourage us to have our say. My Name is Becki and for those of you that don’t know me, I run the blog over at http://musicalbecki.wordpress.com

    What I really like about the Daily Bale is the gritty, harsh reality that is included in all of the articles. Whilst this particular case Is dreadfully sad and a man died, we have to know the facts, no matter how grim they may be.

    I was a personal friend of John Green and knew him from Leeds back when I used to work the streets at a naive 17 year old girl wih littl ambition or hope in my life.

    John took me under his wing and taught me the basics of humanity and presented to me a valid reason to study and go to university, acheive something with my life.

    With Johns guidance and spiritual relief, I went to university and studied history where I became a successful young woman with a lot to live for,

    John – you will be missed and you are forever in my heart, thank you for your friendship and guidance over these years.

    Love from

    Becki xxx xxx xxx

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