Daily Bale. The Founder himself. Joshua Bonehill-Paine students unite in support

wpid-C1AF816C-78F5-434C-92ED-1CC0366292D6.jpg The Founder. Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

A survey carried out for British students has overwhelmingly come up tops in favour of Joshua Bonehill-Paine and the Daily Bale as a refreshing news source and one that is growing very quickly in popularity amongst British Students.

oxford-university-4_980084a  Oxford University – Joshua Bonehill-Paine very popular.

Rebecca George, who sits on a panel of a very popular well known student organisation told our Bale reporter –

“we all follow the Daily Bale now, and most of us follow Joshua Bonehill-Paine on twitter. There is an old saying amongst the more ‘right’ minded thinkers here,   (an old boy is always a better bet)

Well, we are backing Joshua Bonehill-Paine, and we believe that he is the much better bet in the future of things politically within the U.K – he says it how it is and is not afraid to expose and face off the criminal elements of left wing politically correct Marxist trouble makers and race hate stirrers that we now have within the U.K who call themselves  ‘anti fascists’

Joshua is quite right when he says that it is them (the so called ‘anti fascists) who are the real fascists and racists, and we all are starting to see clearly now the very real threat of left wing fascists and racists”


The political talk at most Universities these days are the topics and political truths being brought to light by The Daily Bale and the rising star of Joshua Bonehill-Paine.


“We do hope one day soon to be given the honour of having Joshua here to speak”

The Daily Bale wishes to thank all students and all Universities that do support us across the U.K

Your messages of support and good wishes are always passed on to The Founder himself, and Joshua is always informed of your suggestions and ideas.

Daily Bale reporter for Education – Kim Daniels.

wpid-C1AF816C-78F5-434C-92ED-1CC0366292D6.jpg  The Founder himself.    Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

18 months ago, nobody had really heard of our founder Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

This man is now seen as the one long awaited – the true face of reason, common sense, equality and truth.

When he first founded the Stand Strong movement to bring communities together after the tragic death of Drummer Lee Rigby, people still did not know much about him, or what he really stood for.

All that the British people heard about joshua were the blatant lies and rumours spread by the left wing anti British Marxist fascists and racists, in a desparate attempt to shut him up and make him go away.

They poked fun at him, made up hate pages and slander sites, and spread vile racist and fascist garbage about him all over the internet and messaged anybody who would listen and were willing to be taken in by the malicious left wing propaganda and the evil web of hate that the left wing politically correct so called anti fascists had been so good at doing for so long.

The left wing anti British fascists and racists had been manipulating, bullying and intimidating the British public for more than two decades with politically correct nonsense and race hate garbage, in their bid to dominate society with crackpot left wing ideology and loony tune mentality.

The majority of the people knew deep down that what the left wing politically correct cranks were saying and doing was unjust, immoral and  undemocratic, but the public went along with it because they had been brow beaten or threatened with being called vile slanderous names like ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ if they so much as dared question the obvious immorality of left wing political correctness and the evil left wing brainwashing, bullying, intimidation and manipulation of British public thinking, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

The left wing fascists and racists thought they had got it cracked. They thought they were well on the way to a total socialist Marxist politically correct dictatorial totalitarian state.

Just how wrong they were !

They never once thought that somebody like Joshua Bonehill-Paine would appear from obscurity, and in the face of all their vile name calling, intimidation, bullying and their whole arsenal of immoral undemocratic character crushing weapons that they use to crush opposition and freedom of speech, they never dreamed for one minute that somebody would come along who would turn their whole rotten lair of hate and lies upon its ugly head, and no matter what slander or race hate garbage they threw at that person, they would never ever back down.  No Matter What !

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is today fast becoming a household name.

A name that stands for true morality, freedom of speech, true democracy, justice, true equality, common sense, order and respect, unity and national pride, and communities that stand together as one, regardless of difference, but truly united in humanity as human beings, without the evil monster of left wing political correctness that once drove them apart and brought ‘differences’ to their attention to try and divide them.

Today we have The Daily Bale, also founded by our great founder,   Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

Exposing left wing racism and fascism, and turning the tables on the vile bullies by now bringing ‘them’ and ‘their’ activities to public attention.

The question seems to be these days, is not whether The Daily Bale is right or not, but rather do you support it or not ?

If you do support it, then you are seen as one of the vast majority who have woken up to the left wing scam of political correctness and recognise who the real racists and fascists really are.

If you dont support us, then all we can say is that you may of been laughing 18 months ago, but we bet our bottom dollar that you are not laughing now.

And as for your many hate sites and slander campaigns against The Daily Bale and Joshua Bonehill-Paine,   please do continue.

You are making our task and the public’s task so very much easier.

We welcome all Communities, all identities, all faiths and all peoples.

Equality, Truth, and Strength.

The Daily Bale – Together we shall prevail.


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  1. Joshie, you are a bit of dog mess and most normal people can see you made this all up! I hope you ass is twitching at the thought of doing time LOL

  2. Wonder if Rebecca knows of Joshy’s opinion of women in positions of power and that feminism should be wiped out. Ask her to examine his Tweeter thread for more of his rubbish.

  3. I’m calling bullshit! This site is pulling a brass eye style gag. My only advice is go out and get laid before you actually do some harm.

  4. Joshie darling, everyone knows that you had to leave school at 16 because none of the teachers were willing to clean you as you were still not toilet trained. The only interest big boys and girls, the ones who live in the REAL world and go to university, have in you is if they are studying compulsive lying among educationally sub normal sociopaths.

    Now, darling, you know the doctors are coming to examine you again, to see if you can be released into the community, and to see if your medication is sufficient, so fill in this test for mummy, hmmm? Don’t cry – mummy will help with the long words.


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